Top 10 Episodes About Lawyers Who Quit

by | May 14, 2019 | Blog

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Maybe it’s because I used to be a lawyer, but a lot of the guests we have on this podcast also tend to be lawyers who are looking to switch careers. Here is a round up of the top 10 episodes about lawyers who quit to go on to doing some amazing things.

  • Ep.1: How Kaveh Mostafavi went from bankruptcy lawyer to starting a million dollar supply company. Listen here.
  • Ep.3: How being fired as a lawyer led Erin Wade to become a widely successful restauranteur. Listen here.
  • Ep.9: How Laurie Rowen Disrupted the Legal Profession to Create the Career She Wanted. Listen here.
  • Ep.19: Actor, Lawyer, CEO and more: How Isaac Lidsky created his reality by living Eyes Wide Open. Listen here.
  • Ep.22: Lawyer & Interior Stylist- How Sara Rezvanpour Rose created her dream job as Creative Counsel at the Jungalow. Listen here.
  • Ep.31: How Shinah Chang quit the straight path of law for Crooked Calligraphy. Listen here.
  • Ep.32: How Elie Mystal quit practicing law and wrote about it instead. Listen here.
  • EP.36: How Jennifer Berson quit law and became a Public Relations powerhouse. Listen here.
  • Ep.44: How Annie Jensen Chapur quit law to create her own home accessories company. Listen here.