How Annie Jensen Chapur quit law to create her own home accessories company
Ep. 44
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Annie Jensen Chapur

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    We’re usually sold on the idea that once we achieve x, y, or z then we’ll finally be happy, but that isn’t always the case. When Annie saw her mom’s experience as a lawyer, it was cemented in her mind that she must follow the same path. It wasn’t until she landed her dream job at her dream company that something didn’t feel right. Despite everything looking picture perfect on the outside, she could feel it in her gut that this wasn’t where she was supposed to be. Something was still missing.
    Luckily, Annie met her future partner, Annabelle, at the same law firm in Miami. They both shared a love of candles and wanted to find a way to make them more personalized for gifts. The two became instant friends (can you say, soul sisters?). The A-team connected first through design: they both decorated their offices to perfection–from gold staplers (yes, all gold everything) to luxurious candles. But they soon bonded on a deeper Level: their gift for all things thoughtful. It wasn’t long before TAJA was born.
    TAJA Collection launched in June 2017, to create what was missing from the market: customizable home accessories. Their business focuses on both e-commerce and wholesale.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Why she felt drawn to the path of becoming a lawyer
    How everything suddenly changed when she got her dream job
    How a common interest in candles sparked the idea for their company
    How they utilized their local female network to help get the word out about their business
    And so much more!

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    Coupon code for TAJA Collection: GOLI15

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