Creating a career you love just got easier…

You’re seconds away from the tools, support, coaching and guidance you need to create a career and life you actually love.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:


You dread Mondays and focus on just getting to Friday


You want to quit your job but you have no idea what else you can do


You feel stuck and hopeless in a job that feels like it’s sucking your soul


You feel guilty because you think you should be happy– everything looks great on paper–but you’re not


You’re so burned out and exhausted from the stress of work that you can’t even enjoy your time at home


You’re never present. When you’re at home, your mind is occupied with work. When you’re at work, you’re thinking about how you’re failing at home


You’re tired of saying “Yes” when you just want to say “No”


You feel overworked and underappreciated

If it does, then you already know how impossible it can seem to create a career you love and actually have some balance.

That is what inspired me to create this membership

I was tired of seeing so many people stay stuck year after year and suffer unnecessarily because…

They just jump from job to job hoping that one of them will magically fix all of their problems (psst. This never works)

They keep waiting for the “right” time to make a change but that never comes

They have no idea who they are anymore or what they actually want

They just keep doing what everyone else thinks they should do instead of what they actually want to do

Thankfully, that’s behind you now.


Quit what is no longer working. Make room for what will.

A membership and community with the resources, tools, and support you need to take control of your career and steer it in the direction you want.

Inside You’ll Learn:

How to set boundaries at work and create REAL work/life balance

How to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry. Yes, it’s possible.

How to figure out what YOU actually want and go after it.

How to make decisions with confidence

How to turn down the inner critic and get rid of imposter syndrome.

How to quit your perfectionism, people-pleasing, procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviors

What makes Quitter Club Different:

Most other career programs focus on everything outside of you: building your resume, job searches, interview techniques. But that ignores the root of the problem. Figuring out WHY you are unhappy in the first place and WHAT you truly want before actually jumping into changing it.

So many people are burned out because they are

  • perfectionist high-achievers who have no boundaries OR
  • people-pleasing doormats who have lost touch with what they actually want OR
  • procrastinating self-saboteurs who are filled with shame. 
  • Or, worse, they’re all three. 

And they take that same brain (and same problems) to whatever new job or career they get. 

In Quitter Club, we figure out the CAUSE of what is not working in your career and life and we help you solve that. When you do that, you might even realize that you actually love the career you’re in (or not…either way, we’ll help you get to the next step).

Help at every stage of your career journey:

The Fixer-Upper

You don’t want to quit your career. You want to stay where you’re at. You just want to be able to set boundaries, create real work/life balance, and reduce your stress and anxiety so you can actually love the career you’re in

The Scientist

You know you want to eventually leave this career but you have no idea what you would do next. You’ve lost touch with who you are. You want to experiment and discover what lights you up, start uncovering what your next career will be, and test your hypothesis about different career paths before making the big decision.

The Dream Chaser

You already know what your dream is and it’s not the career you’re in. You’re ready to jump but you’re filled with doubt and fear. You want to learn how to create a plan to go after your career, how to test it out without upending your life, and learn to manage the fear and doubts around your jump.

Regardless of where you are on the journey, there is a step-by-step Roadmap with Video Lessons and Worksheets that will walk you through what you need to do.

What’s included in your membership

Weekly coaching calls

4x a month you’ll get coaching from me on your exact problems and you’ll get to listen to how other people are navigating the same issues. You’ll have access to the growing archive of coaching calls to watch on replay whenever you need it.

An entire course for every stage

A roadmap to a career you love that has video lessons and worksheets for every stage of your career journey. You can go at your own pace and find the tools you need to tackle each new problem.

A library of classes and lessons

A growing library with video lessons and worksheets tackling issues like time management, self-confidence, goal setting, and more.

A community of like-minded people

A forum where you can connect, support, and get guidance from other people on the same journey. You can also get additional written coaching by submitting questions in the community.

A Private Podcast

Get coaching replays on a private podcast feed so you can listen and relisten to lessons on the go.

Masterclasses and guest speakers

Deep-dive classes on specific topics to help you with various skills and problems.

Monthly lessons

A new focus each month with lessons, worksheets, and special challenges to help you focus your efforts and fight overwhelm.

While this is our first time opening up the Club, here are what past students have had to say about going through the same process and mindset work:

“When asked in the program to ‘think bigger’, I could only dream of going from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment. I couldn’t fathom leaving my day job or corporate America at all. But, just after the end of the six-month program, I quit the job, moved out of the apartment and the city. I’ve now started my own company and I’m making plans to buy a house. Like, WHO AM I?”


“I’m not even done with the program and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed. I quit my last job, took some time off, and accepted a job that pays me the same while only working part-time! I now have 4 days a week to spend however I want. Friends and family can’t believe how happy I am! I’m finally designing the life I want. This program changed everything. I can’t recommend it enough.””


“Before the program, I was critical of myself for not figuring out my future earlier. I was fearful and full of self-doubt. Taking the program changed all of that. I am now excited by the opportunities that are out there. I have more confidence in myself and no longer overthink decisions to the point of paralysis. The program shifted my perspective on so many things about myself and my life, allowing me to be optimistic about the future and confident in my own decisions. Thanks Goli!”


“Getting that mindset work out of this program has literally changed my life. It’s not just in career. It changes how I show up…with my family, with my kids. It’s made me a better parent. It’s made me a better friend. It’s made me a better wife. The mindset work is transformative.””


“I no longer feel crazy for wanting more or thinking that quitting is a bad thing. I feel calmer and lighter knowing how to manage my thoughts and limiting beliefs. Goli has forever changed my life for the better, and I’m so grateful for this time in my life!”


“I loved it!! I really can’t express how much this program has turned my life around, and how grateful I am for it. There was so much change and confusion at the beginning of the pandemic that it really brought a lifetime of bad feels/disappointment/self-doubt to the surface, and I truly had no idea where to even start sorting through the muck. The combination of thoughtwork and a clear (but still open-ended) system for working through specific areas of life has been incredibly helpful, and has given me a lot more faith that I can navigate future uncertainty.”

– Yuliya Tsukerman

“The mindset piece has been life changing. I am much less stressed day to day than I used to be…I am making a plan and trying out a business venture and I wouldn’t have done any of that before the program. My anxiety is down and I feel my interacts with other people are better than before. I finally have the time and energy I was using to worry about all this stuff out of my control, and instead, putting it into something more meaningful. I’m using this time to actually support my next steps in life through things that I myself can control.”

-Kristine Koeppel

“Before the PYP course, I felt “stuck” in trying to find my path in launching an online coaching business platform. Goli’s practical advice on business formation, marketing, mindset, and strategy helped me move the needle faster in 3 months than I had in the prior 12 months. Goli is nothing short of amazing. She’s the real deal. Period!”


The Journey You Can Expect:

I wish I could tell you that you could change your whole life and career in one month. But I refuse to lie to you.

This isn’t a magic pill. And if any coaching program promises you that, run! However, this membership WILL change your life if you put in the work. And just like a gym, the longer you do this work, the more your results compound.

Here is your path to career satisfaction:


In 3 Months…

  • You’ll learn to turn down the volume on that inner critic
  • You’ll see what is really holding you back and how to overcome it
  • You’ll reprioritize your life and create more balance
  • You’ll start advocating for yourself


In 6 Months…

  • You’ll set boundaries without shame or guilt
  • You’ll become dialed into your own North Star
  • You’ll experience more confidence and less stress



In 9 Months…

  • You’ll learn how to follow through on your goals
  • You’ll have the confidence and self-trust to go after what you want
  • You’ll make decisions with ease and authority


In 12 Months…

  • You’ll stop being a slave to what everyone else thinks
  • You’ll have better relationships and show up authentically as yourself
  • You’ll take more risks and go after a career you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get most often. If it doesn’t answer your question, email me at and I’ll help you out.

“Here are some of the questions we get most often. If it doesn’t answer your question, email me at and I’ll help you out. “
Do I get personal support from Goli?

ABSOLUTELY!! Goli does weekly coaching calls where you can get coaching face-to-face with her. 

You can also submit coaching questions in the community and get written responses from her.

How much coaching can we get?

As much as you need. There will be weekly coaching calls where you can always submit to be coached. As the Club grows, there will be more coaching calls added each week. You can also submit your written coaching requests in the community and get a written response from Goli within 2 business days. 

How much time does it take?

Just like a gym, you can do as little or as much as you want.

And here’s the thing–you’re going to be inconsistent. Not only is that OK, it’s totally normal. Life gets in the way. That’s the beauty of committing to doing this work for an entire year. Some weeks you might only have 15 minutes and others you can commit an hour or two. You get to go at your own pace and do as much or as little as you need. 

No perfection required (in fact, we prefer if you just show up as an imperfect human).

As a rule of thumb, we would recommend committing 30-60min per week to either listening to a call replay on the private podcast, doing some worksheets, or getting coaching. 

What time will the coaching calls be?

The calls will be staggered at different times so that people from different time zones can attend. You can also submit questions, if you can’t make it live. All calls will be available on replay so you can watch it on your own schedule. 

Is it worth the cost?

The exact video courses offered through the roadmap and in the library, plus the weekly coaching calls, were what I provided in my small group program for $4000 for 6 months. 

You get all of it for $197 per month or $1997 for 12 months.

Plus, you get:

  • A private podcast feed 
  • A large community for support and accountability 
  • A monthly class with worksheets and new teachings 
  • Guest experts and workshops 
  • And so much more

The value of the Club is 10x what you will pay for it. 

I feel like I get a lot of help from the podcast and your Monthly Free Coaching Calls. How will this be different?

The Club will help you actually apply what you learn on the podcast, through accountability and resources, so you can make real changes. 

Understanding concepts can be a great first step but it is rarely the whole story. For instance, I can teach you all about how capitalism and religion created a hustle culture to keep us working. And you can intellectually understand it. But that doesn’t mean you just drop all of your negative thoughts about not getting enough done every day and go take a guilt-free nap (though you really should). You need time to unpack all of the ways those thoughts show up in your life and slowly work on replacing them. 

Inside the Club, you’ll have the resources and tools to actually start applying this work and overcoming the obstacles that get in your way. 

As for the Free Monthly Coaching Calls, if you love those, the Club will have similar calls every week but with even more teaching, worksheet, and resources to make them more impactful. We will also likely be ending the Free Calls in the next 6 months. So if you want that level of support, definitely join us in the Club. 

How does canceling my membership work?

It is super straight-forward. We hate when memberships make you jump through 5 hoops to cancel. 

In fact, we’ll send you a video of exactly where to go in your account and what to click in order to cancel immediately. You can click the cancel button at any time and you’ll still have access to the Club until the end of that payment period. Once that payment period is done, you’ll lose access to the Club. 

What are you waiting for?!