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TL;DR (😄because long sales pages are exhausting)

  1. This coaching experience is called Quitter Club
  2. ❌ It’s not just about quitting your job. ✅ It’s about quitting the career and life stuff that is making you miserable
  3. It’s designed or YOU: working professionals who feel stuck, unfulfilled, and burned out
  4. When you join, you get instant access to my proven strategies that have helped hundreds of members to quit hating their jobs and create a career and life they actually love
  5. You’ll also get live weekly coaching calls with me, to keep you focused and on track
  6. Oh, and if you don’t love it, email me within 30 days for a full refund (but spoiler alert: I bet you’re not gonna want to)
  7. Last, my name is Goli, and here’s a pic just for fun!

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do you know…

Over 70% of people report being unhappy in their careers?
If that’s not surprising, it’s likely because you also feel:

Trapped: Living for Fridays, while dreading Mondays.

Burned Out: Your professional stress has seeped into your home.

Unfulfilled:Your work doesn’t engage or excite you.

Guilty: Because you should love your work, but you don’t.

Preoccupied.: At home, you’re thinking of work; at work, you’re thinking of everything else.

Too Compliant: You’re saying “Yes” when you know it should be “No.”

Underappreciated: You feel overworked and unseen at the same time

The worst part is feeling like it will ALWAYS be this way.

And So You Ask Yourself

Should you quit and find another job?

What if your new job is worse than this one?

Is it worth considering changing your career?

What would you even do if it’s not what you’re doing now?

How will you figure it out when you’re so exhausted each day?

This is your roadmap

Right now, I know you might feel hopeless and resigned. I know because I’ve been right there myself stuck in a career I hated.

In this place, we often overlook…



You spend 1/3 of your waking hours at work (even more if we’re unlucky). It’s crazy to resign ourselves to spending THOUSANDS of hours feeling absolutely horrible! 


Career unhappiness bleeds into every aspect of your personal life and relationships. So it’s not just ⅓ of our life that we spend at work, it’s impacting the other ⅔ of it as well. 


Research shows that chronic stress/anxiety correlates directly to developing chronic diseases like breast cancer, prostate cancer, gastrointestinal issues, and autoimmune conditions. 

But look, all of this leads to one simple conclusion…

We have to stop approaching our careers in the way we’ve been taught by our parents, universities, and Corporate America.

If you’re ready to change your approach, click the button below to join Quitter Club.

If you want to keep learning more, you have to confront this…

One last painful truth to consider…


Don’t get me wrong, your job might suck and it might be causing a lot of problems…

But it’s not THE problem.

What most career coaches won’t tell you is that your workplace misery is a symptom of deeper issues that go far beyond the job itself. 

So just finding a new job CAN’T be the solution.

Here’s why…

If you’re expecting ALL of your issues to be solved by changing your job, then you’ll have to find a place where your employer: 

Never gives you more work than you can handle

Always respects your boundaries

Gives you managers that express appreciation of your work

Would never think of paying you less than what you’re worth

Has clients that are always kind and reasonable in their requests

Provides a workplace filled with supportive and kind co-workers

Won’t pressure you with unrealistic timelines and expectations

Will challenge you just enough, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed

And so on…

I don’t have to tell you that this doesn’t exist. ANYWHERE!  

It’s why this program isn’t about quitting one job just to move on to the next… 

Quitter Club is about learning and developing the tools you need to navigate your career on YOUR TERMS! 

How do I know this? Because these are lessons that I learned first hand…


Let me give you a glimpse of my experience, because it might just resonate with your own…

I was your typical type-A overachiever. I went to a top 10 law school, then got a job at a top 10 law firm. I had a multiple six-figure salary, private office, corporate perks, and all the fancy accolades.

My family and friends treated me like the posterchild for career success. 

…and despite all of it, I was MISERABLE!

I was working insane hours and work-life balance was nonexistent.

I was stressed, burned out, and crippled with anxiety.

I knew my waking hours belonged to my law firm, but I didn’t realize they would claim my dreams as well. I struggled to sleep, and when I did, I often dreamed about work. There was no escape, period!

I even felt GUILTY for feeling unhappy and miserable.

Thinking the problem was my job, I did exactly what you might think… I quit. 

I left my fancy Big Law job to take up the mantle of being a Federal Public Defender. In the process I took a steep pay cut, but at least I found a job that I could believe in and love. 

Can you guess what happened next? 

As a public defender getting paid a fraction of my previous salary, I still…

Worked insane hours

Had no ability to say “no”

Held myself to impossible perfectionist standards

Took my work home each day

Had no work-life-balance

Because here’s the reality…

The real reason we’re often unhappy and burned out is because we are…

Perfectionist high-achievers who hold ourselves to impossible standards,

People-pleasing doormats who never say “no” and have suppressed our own needs, OR

Procrastinating self-saboteurs who are filled with shame.

Or even worse, we’re a combination of the three. And without addressing these issues, you’ll end up taking them to your next job just like I did.

Fortunately, this is all behind me now.

I worked through all of my BULS#IT shame around leaving my “successful” identity as a lawyer.

I built my confidence by showing myself that I could create an income outside of the law. 
I learned to drown out the noise from everyone else’s opinions and created a career that was perfect for me.

In 2014, I left my career as a lawyer to become an entrepreneur.

After creating a successful business (with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way) I began to see just how many people around me struggled with the same issues I had in my career transition.

In 2018, I launched my podcast

and within a few short years, I have:

Reached hundreds of thousands of people

Become a Master Certified Life Coach

Grown a multiple-six figure business working 30 hours a week

All while creating a life where I get to balance my family, hobbies, and love of taking naps 😉

This is why I created the Quitter Club.

My goal was to give you a PROVEN roadmap that can get you out of burnout, and accelerate your transition to a career you love.

If you’re ready to jump in, click the button below to sign up.

If you’d like to keep reading, I want to ask you a question… 

Where Do You Want to Be Next Year?

If your only answer right now is “NOT HERE”… then that’s a great start!

Don’t worry about answering it for now.

Now, let’s say you’ve spent a year in the Quitter Club and now know how to: 

    Quit drowning in stress and anxiety (Yes, it’s totally possible 😆)
    Silence your inner critic and imposter syndrome
    Stop people-pleasing and start reinforcing boundaries
    Rid yourself of procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviors
    Rest without feeling guilt

    And having QUIT those harmful behaviors, you learn how to: 

      Identify what YOU actually want
      Define your dreams with specificity
      Create a strategy to actually reach your goals (even with limited time)
      Make time for hobbies and life outside of work

      Having checked off and mastered each of these steps, here’s my question…


      Imagine the ripple effect this would have on every. aspect. of. your. life!

      If you had one more hour each day to spend, guilt- and anxiety-free, with your partner or children… How would your relationships change? 

      If you could sleep through the night without the 3am anxiety wake-up-call… How would your mental and physical health change?

      If you could stand up for yourself and your ideas in meetings, despite the fear… How would your confidence and self-worth change?  

      Because, yes, while we technically work on your career, the work we do helps you transform your ENTIRE life.

      So if you’re ready to change everything…


      Quit what’s no longer working. Make room for what will.

      A membership community with resources, tools, and support that are proven to help you take control of your career.

      Included in your membership


      4-Stage On-Demand Program


      2x Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Sessions


      250pg Companion Workbook

      Let’s dive into each component of your membership, starting with the…

      4-Stage On-Demand Program

      A complete roadmap for four different stages of your career journey.

      Stage 1: Foundations (Mindset)

      Before we get into specific career goals, we’re going to address all the deeper issues that will show up in EVERY job. 

      In this module, you will learn how to: 

      Manage feelings of stress and overwhelm

      Silence your inner critic

      Overcome imposter syndrome

      Break free from your self-limiting beliefs

      Stage 2: Quit Burnout

      Deal with unhealthy workplace practices in a healthy and sustainable manner.

      In this module, you will learn how to: 

      Properly and professionally set boundaries

      Enforce boundaries in a respectful manner

      Handle bad attitudes or the poor performance of peers

      Redefine your impossible standards

      Drop the guild from putting your needs first

      Protect your work/life balance

      Stage 3: Quit Living Other People’s Dreams

      You’re so used to playing it safe that you’ve stopped dreaming big. Identify WHO you are and WHAT you actually want from your career. It’s time to dream big again! 

      In this module, you will learn how to: 

      Find direction (even amidst confusion)

      Find clarity on a career direction that fits your values

      Create a “5-Year Blueprint” for your roadmap

      Craft a “Quitting Runway” for your financial goals

      Stage 4: Quit Staying Stuck

      Once you have a direction, create a roadmap and get you to take massive strides towards your goals.

      In this module, you will learn how to: 

      Test different career paths (without quitting)

      Take action toward your 5-Year Blueprint

      Overcome your fear of failure

      Learn how to evaluate what works and what doesn’t

      Deal with setbacks and pivots

      Make big decisions, even amidst uncertainty

      Value = $300/month

      Weekly Coaching Sessions

      Real talk! While the Roadmap (and 4-Stage Program above) have everything you need… I know from experience, it’s NOT everything you need. 

      Our problem isn’t information, it’s in how we IMPLEMENT that information. 

      Along your journey, we all stumble and inevitably self-sabotage. It’s not just you, it’s literally all of us with a human brain who think things like:

      Eventually, these thoughts are enough to make us give up on the things we want. 

      This is WHY we have weekly coaching sessions. 

      1. 4-8 calls every month so you can find a time that works for you. 
      2. Access to the growing archive of replays and a private podcast to listen whenever you need it.
      3. Calls in different time zones so everyone can find a time to make it live.

      It’s during these calls where we can work through the exact challenges you’re facing, while also listen to others who are navigating similar issues in their journey. 

      It’s through weekly coaching where I get to help you LIVE what you LEARN. 

      Value= $300/mo

      Truthfully, the on-demand program and coaching sessions are a complete solution. But I’ve also included FOUR additional bonuses that are worth more than the price of admission on their own. 

      Let’s chat through each of them below. 

      Membership Bonuses!



      Get the support and guidance you need to stick to your goals!

      Join our community of like-minded professionals who are all working to level-up their lives. Ask questions, network, get coaching, share wins, and so much more! 

      Value = $100/mo


      Monthly Themes & Workshops

      Structure to help prevent overwhelm and keep you focused.

      Each month, we’ll focus on one theme to work through together. We will also provide 90-day goal workshops, accountability pods, and guest masterclasses to keep you on track.

      Value = $100/mo


      Podcast Feed

      Don’t have time to add one more thing to your to-do list?

      Get all of the coaching call replays on a private podcast feed so you can listen on the go when you’re commuting, washing the dishes, or at the gym. 

      Value = $200/mo


      Topical Lesson

      Specific lessons on common career and workplace challenges. 

      Time Management, Procrastination, People Pleasing and more. These in-depth classes are there to provide guidance in any area where you need extra support.

      Value = $100/mo

      See what our students are saying

      “The Quitter Club has changed the way I approach my career and my life. I no longer just stay stuck, wallow in regret and indecision, and let life just happen to me. Since starting this work, I’ve quit my job, started a business that replaced my salary, and become an avid runner. No matter what the goal you decide to go after, the Club is the perfect way of making sure you stick with it to create the results you need.”

      – Ash Coxon

      “The Quitter Club made an instant impact on all aspects of my life including choosing and growing the right business for me and prioritizing my health. Goli is available to club members multiple times a week and offers live coaching and guidance in a group setting that feels like one-on-one coaching without the high price tag. Joining the Quitter Club is the best thing I could have ever done for my life – sky’s the limit now!”

      – Isabel

      “The Club gave me the tactical tools that no one ever gives you. I wish I had this when my kids were younger because I feel like I wasted a lot of years. I’m so much calmer now. I have so much more peace. So that would be my message: this thought work can help you level it down and bring in so much perspective.”

      – Megan

      “JUST DO IT!! NOW!! You won’t regret it! It’s the very thing you didn’t know you desperately needed. If you are feeling lost, alone, stuck – this is a group you can join and be fully open and honest about that, because we have ALL already admitted that and are committed to slowly but surely doing the work to uncover what we truly want in our lives, plot a course to make it happen and accept nothing less than complete success in that endeavor! Join us! We’re waiting for you!”

      – ARLETTE B.

      “This is a no-brainer. Goli is an incisive, talented coach. She has compassion and an understanding of structural inequalities but equally challenges you to examine the agency you have in your life to make things better. The value of being in a group setting while still receiving individual coaching is huge! Well worth the investment if you are serious about wanting to change how you live in the world.”

      – Sarah T.

      “The coaching calls are like therapy! They help you uncover things about yourself that you are trying to keep tamped down. Your eyes will be opened to all the ways you’re trying to be perfect or shame yourself and Goli will give you tools and new perspectives to just let that shit go.”

      – Megan S.

      Still unsure? I get it.

      It’s hard to make an investment without knowing if it’ll work. But there is no way to know without trying it.

      That’s why I offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee 

      Show up and do the work with me. If you find that the program isn’t a good fit for you, simply let me know within 30 days and I will give you a full refund. 

      I believe so fully in this program that I’m willing to take away any and all risk on your part. You either learn to love your career, or you get your money back.

      **Terms and Conditions apply. Please see the full Founding Member’s Terms & Conditions HERE

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are some of the questions we get most often. If it doesn’t answer your question, email me at goli@lessonsfromaquitter.com and I’ll help you out.

      “Here are some of the questions we get most often. If it doesn’t answer your question, email me at goli@lessonsfromaquitter.com and I’ll help you out. “
      Do I get personal support from Goli?

      ABSOLUTELY!! Goli does weekly coaching calls where you can get coaching face-to-face with her. 

      You can also submit coaching questions in the community and get written responses from her.

      How much coaching can we get?

      As much as you need. There will be weekly coaching calls where you can always submit to be coached. As the Club grows, there will be more coaching calls added each week. You can also submit your written coaching requests in the community and get a written response from Goli within 2 business days. 

      How much time does it take?

      Just like a gym, you can do as little or as much as you want.

      And here’s the thing–you’re going to be inconsistent. Not only is that OK, it’s totally normal. Life gets in the way. That’s the beauty of committing to doing this work for an entire year. Some weeks you might only have 15 minutes and others you can commit an hour or two. You get to go at your own pace and do as much or as little as you need. 

      No perfection required (in fact, we prefer if you just show up as an imperfect human).

      As a rule of thumb, we would recommend committing 30-60min per week to either listening to a call replay on the private podcast, doing some worksheets, or getting coaching. 

      What time will the coaching calls be?

      The calls will be staggered at different times so that people from different time zones can attend. You can also submit questions, if you can’t make it live. All calls will be available on replay so you can watch it on your own schedule. 

      Is it worth the cost?

      The exact video courses offered through the roadmap and in the library, plus the weekly coaching calls, were what I provided in my small group program for $4000 for 6 months. 

      You get all of it for $997 per year.

      Plus, you get:

      • A private podcast feed 
      • A large community for support and accountability 
      • A monthly class with worksheets and new teachings 
      • Guest experts and workshops 
      • And so much more

      The value of the Club is 10x what you will pay for it. 

      I feel like I get a lot of help from the podcast and your Monthly Free Coaching Calls. How will this be different?

      The Club will help you actually apply what you learn on the podcast, through accountability and resources, so you can make real changes. 

      Understanding concepts can be a great first step but it is rarely the whole story. For instance, I can teach you all about how capitalism and religion created a hustle culture to keep us working. And you can intellectually understand it. But that doesn’t mean you just drop all of your negative thoughts about not getting enough done every day and go take a guilt-free nap (though you really should). You need time to unpack all of the ways those thoughts show up in your life and slowly work on replacing them. 

      Inside the Club, you’ll have the resources and tools to actually start applying this work and overcoming the obstacles that get in your way. 

      As for the Free Monthly Coaching Calls, if you love those, the Club will have similar calls every week but with even more teaching, worksheet, and resources to make them more impactful. We will also likely be ending the Free Calls in the next 6 months. So if you want that level of support, definitely join us in the Club. 

      How does canceling my membership work?

      It is super straight-forward. We hate when memberships make you jump through 5 hoops to cancel. 

      In fact, we’ll send you a video of exactly where to go in your account and what to click in order to cancel immediately. You can click the cancel button at any time and you’ll still have access to the Club until the end of that payment period. Once that payment period is done, you’ll lose access to the Club. 

      What are you waiting for?!