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Most people accept the limitations placed on them by society, never questioning how much more they’re actually capable of.  Tasha Cochran is not most people. And that is why I’m thrilled to have her on the podcast today to blow up people’s assumptions of what is possible.    Tasha Cochran is an attorney, co-founder of One Big Happy Life, and a true trailblazer for lasting and effective financial freedom.    However, Tasha began her career journey as a 19 year-old single mother in the military. Wanting to provide the best for her daughter, Tasha set her sights on law school and didn’t rest until she got into one of the country’s best schools, Yale Law. After graduation, she began working as a lawyer in Consumer Finance.    While she excelled at her career, and made valuable connections, she found herself wanting more. Needing a passion or hobby to take her mind of the stress of work, Tasha began creating YouTube videos on a topic she loved to talk about, finances. That hobby eventually led her down a path to create One Big Happy Life where she serves as a wealth expert and strategist to help others find sustainable and realistic solutions to building their wealth and lifestyles.    In under 3 years, Tasha began making multiple six-figures with One Big Happy Life all while still working a full-time job as a lawyer. In fact, Tasha only quit law six months ago in order to focus on and scale OBHL.    Tasha and her partner Joseph have built an empire by accepting fluidity and rejecting society’s standards of the “right” way of doing things. With their Wealth Builders Academy program, they teach individuals to take charge of their finances and stop living by limiting beliefs. Tasha is a shining example of what it is like to craft your own journey and design a life that works for you.    In this episode, we discuss: How building your dreams and having a career aren’t mutually exclusive Why it’s ok to not follow a strict life plan How sharing your story can help you and others grow The value of hard work in a quickly growing online space And so much more.   Tasha’s Links:    Website   Instagram   Wealth Builders Academy 

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