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This week I have the incredible Vanessa Barboni Hallik on the show. If you’re a long-time listener, then you know that I was a public defender. I was on a crusade to save the world. And I had bought into the paradigm that business was filled with greed and evil and that capitalism was ruining the world. While there is some truth to that in certain instances, Vanessa’s story shows what is possible if we re-imagine how we run businesses. Her voice, and her brand, are exactly what we need to begin steering the ship towards more conscious consumerism.    Vanessa served as managing director at Morgan Stanley for 15 years. She held several leadership roles in the emerging markets and institutional securities business. During her tenure, she tried to leave three separate times but was held back by the same fear and doubt that holds so many of us back.  When she finally left, she pursued her interest in environmentalism, which lead her to discover the horrors happening within the fashion industry. That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands. Despite not having any experience in fashion, Vanessa saw the huge need for luxury apparel at a reasonable price that was made with sustainability in mind. She founded Another Tomorrow, an end-to-end sustainable apparel company, and is redefining how luxury fashion brands approach business by focusing on social and environmental good. Her story is inspiring for so many reasons!   Listen to it and then check out the beautiful pieces at Another Tomorrow

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