How Luke Tonge went from employee to funlancer
Ep. 68
| with
Luke Tonge

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    We typically have stories of people who have become successful in one type of career and then quit to start over in a completely unrelated field. However, there are people who enjoy the field that they’re in but they want to find an alternative way to do the thing they love.
    Today’s guest, Luke, falls into that category. He went to school to be a designer and after college he went on to work for various design agencies. He didn’t feel fulfilled in the work he was doing, so after a decade, he decided to go out on his own to become a “fun-lancer”. (Love that).
    We talked a lot about his journey of switching from the employee mindset to becoming an entrepreneur. He is now a graphic designer and an art director. He spends his time doing things he loves like art directing magazines, lecturing at Birmingham University and putting on amazing events like the Birmingham design festival.
    He has done incredible things and I think his perspective on how you can use the corporate world to help set you up to go into entrepreneurship or how to plug into those niche communities is such an important lesson for many of us!

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Everyone feels like an imposter no matter how much experience you have.
    Why you should get involved in your community.
    How it’s important to have patience.
    And so much more!

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