How Daniel Prince quit his career in finance in order to travel the world with his wife and 4 children
Ep. 25
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Daniel Prince

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    At this point, we’ve all heard about digital nomads and remote living. There is a huge movement of people who are forgoing the traditional lifestyle in exchange for freedom and travel. But, because of the rise in popularity, there is a huge framework built around the digital nomad lifestyle with freelance websites, co-working spaces, shared housing, blogs, books, etc.
    Just 4 years ago, the digital nomadic lifestyle was in its infancy and there wasn’t a ton of resources providing guidance on how to navigate it. It was even trickier for families who wanted to travel with small children to figure out all the logistics.
    But that did not stop Daniel Prince. After ‘enduring’ an 18-year career in Finance, Daniel recreated his life by leaving the corporate world to travel the globe with his young family (4 small children!!) via the sharing economy.
    His popular blog ‘Princes Off The Grid’ drew attention from the global press leading to his appearing in many newspapers, magazines, award-winning blogs and interviewed on Podcasts.

After his own experience, he wrote the book “Choose Life” to inspire other people to follow in his footsteps to adapt, create and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle.

An advocate of the sharing and gig economy, Daniel is an investor and startup advisor focusing mainly on businesses that seek to disrupt legacy business practices. Daniel is also part of a team building Zyngel, a social impact platform that aims to help businesses grow by offering the opportunity to connect with highly qualified, experienced and skilled professionals.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    How his career led him to Singapore
    How the 4-hour Workweek by Tim Feriss changed his life
    Why Daniel and his wife, Claire, wanted to pick up and travel the world with 4 kids
    How he got over the fear of leaving everything to pursue a dream
    How he figured out how to create a living on the road
    Why they decided to finally settle down in France and what the future looks like
    How meditation helped Daniel quiet the critical voice in his head to push through the doubts
    What his new startup, Zyngel, is all about.

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