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If you’ve listened to the podcast, you’ve heard me say (a million times) that you can make a living doing what you want if you take the time to think outside of the box and take advantage of the resources on the internet. Well, my guest Kelly Nugent is the perfect example of someone who did that (and basically proves me right…so there).   Kelly Nugent is an actor, voice actor, comedian, internet nerd thing doer, and lady of too many podcasts! She can be found doing nerd stuff on Saving Throw Show and HyperRPG. She hosts the podcasts Teen Creeps, Public Domain Theater, Same Day Shipping, and Thank You For Questing! She also loves cheese and cats.   What I love about Kelly’s story is that when Kelly wanted to quit law in order to jump into the world of comedy, she didn’t just try to go the traditional route by finding an agent and going to auditions etc etc. She started doing voice acting, created podcasts, worked on shows on different platforms like Twitch. Basically, she figured out a way to make a living doing creative, fun things she loved instead of waiting for her “big break.” Her story offers the perfect example of how to turn your passions into a career.   Here is what we chat about in this episode: Why she went to law school and continued on even though she didn’t like it How listening to podcasts sparked her own interest in jumping into the world of acting and comedy How she turned acting into a career through voice acting, podcasts, and Twitch How those non-traditional roles led her to getting more traditional gigs What Twitch is and how she got involved with that platform How you can turn your hobbies and interests into podcasts and other paying gigs   Where to find Kelly: Instagram/Twitter: @kellynugee Website: https://www.kellyknugent.com/   Follow along for more: www.lessonsfromaquitter.com https://www.facebook.com/lessonsfromaquitter https://www.instagram.com/lessonsfromaquitter/ https://twitter.com/quitterpodcast  

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