5 Lessons from my $90K Month

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Blog


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This past year has been a whirlwind of growth and change, with respect to my business. Even moreso, the success of my launch of the Quitter Club Annual Membership last month marked a truly eye-opening chapter for me. Yet, my $90k launch merely hints at the deeper insights I’ve gained and want to share with you. 


First and foremost is that these kinds of headlines are always click bait. It’s important to acknowledge that while they are intended to draw you in, I’m not pulling in $90K every single month. My business operates on a launch model, where I open and close program enrollments, resulting in a substantial income during these launches compared to the rest of the year. This isn’t a constant occurrence; it’s a strategic part of my business model. I share this to ensure transparency, steering clear of any misconceptions and to give you the whole truth. 


Now for the valuable lessons behind my $90k launch:


LESSON ONE: It’s important to talk about the numbers.


You can’t be what you can’t see. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement and have found immense value in transparent conversations about financial success. I remember the time I heard Kayce Morris, an ex-elementary school teacher, speak at a conference and share her leap from making a $60,000 yearly salary to making a staggering $300,000 in a single month. It was mind-boggling to me as a lawyer who used to make $80k a year. I remember being taken aback and a part of my mind opening up to what I didn’t even know was possible. 


I also remember wanting to tell all of my lawyer friends that they didn’t have to work insane hours and burn out to make six figures. We could do it without the stress, the anxiety, and the pressure. This was the spark that led me to finding another way of making a lot of money without absolutely killing myself. And I hope the success of my launch is the encouragement that this is possible for you, too.


LESSON TWO: Success doesn’t sprout overnight. 


Success demands time and persistence. There is an ocean of misleading marketing on social media that implies we can find six-figure success within six months. While it has happened for a select few, it’s not the norm for the majority. Acknowledging this is crucial. 


Looking back to when I first started in entrepreneurship and joined the online community’s conversation about having six-figure months, I would think, that’s where I want to get. And month after month, year after year, I wasn’t even in the ballpark of earning a six-figure month. It’s disheartening when, after years of effort, you’re still far from your goals. That initial desire for quick success was misguided and overwhelming.


After reflecting on my five-year journey, I’ve learned that slow, sustainable growth is the key. In five years time, I still accomplished high income months in my business. Unlike the expectation-defying narrative of quick success; building up my offers, my audience, and niching down my genius proved to be successful all the same. It’s important to reframe our expectations and recognize that success doesn’t happen overnight and that’s okay.


It might take a while to build that audience, to get your message out there, for you to hone your own marketing strategy, or for you to figure out how to deliver on your expertise. All of that requires time to process and accomplish. In the grand scheme of things, it’s worthwhile to take your time and build out your business this way. If you look at it like, “Where do I want to be in five years? Can I work towards creating a business that will sustain me,” then it’s much more doable than, “Can I get it there in six months?”


LESSON THREE: Time does not equal money.


No, time does not equal money. In entrepreneurship, I have had to learn to free my mind from the employee mindset and the conditioning that equates hours worked with income. If more hours worked guaranteed higher earnings, people working three jobs would be the highest earners–and we know that’s not how it works. 


The key in dismantling the employee mindset lies in understanding that it’s not time, but the creation of value that determines income. While laying the groundwork of your business may vary in speed for individuals, you can actually make significant money in a short span. And no, this isn’t contrary to my last lesson about success taking time. Freeing my mind from “time equals money” opened me up from the possibility of making $100k in a year to $100k in a month and even in a day. The reality is that if you don’t really believe that it’s possible for you or you don’t let your brain think that it is possible, then it will never be possible because you will never push yourself to try to figure out how to do it.


Four years ago, if you told me that it was possible for me to make $100k in a month, I would’ve told you, you’re nuts. I used to make $80K in a year as a federal public defender and I worked a lot more than I’m working now. Just the idea that I would have something that would be valuable enough for people to pay me and make that much money, would’ve been enough for me to tell you that you’re insane. It’s fascinating to see how within a short amount of time, not only was I able to do it, but that belief is so blown out of the water for me that I can contemplate, ”Yeah, maybe I can make a million dollars in a month.” I’m not even close to making a million in a year, but I’ve allowed my brain to think, what would that look like? What would I have to do? What value do I have to give? 


LESSON FOUR: Don’t let arbitrary milestones be your mark of success.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the dollar signs that define success. Coaching numerous individuals, I’ve observed the recurring notion that a specific income goal will be what brings them lasting happiness. I used to pine over reaching the $100k mark. Yet, after achieving $90K, I realized the arbitrariness of this goal. The difference between $90k and $100k is merely a numerical milestone, not a transformative shift in my self-worth or business perception. 


Hitting $90K didn’t change how I feel or the thoughts I have about myself. It definitely gave me more evidence that maybe I do know what I’m doing and that my strategy is working. But for the most part, I still had to practice thoughtwork around, “This launch should be bigger… I should be making more money…” All thoughts I would have had around a $50K or $100K launch, equally. The only way for the milestone to hold meaning was if I ascribed meaning to it.


Arbitrary financial goals may serve as stepping stones or the motivation for our personal growth, but they don’t inherently change our self-worth or erase our old thought patterns. As I guide others through their aspirations, I emphasize that reaching a goal won’t provide enduring fulfillment. Celebrate your achievements, but recognize that self-worth is intrinsic and the thoughtwork we practice is separate from external markers. You’re on an ongoing journey of personal growth and fulfillment, not a destination defined by arbitrary figures.


LESSON FIVE: You are able to build the business you want.


This launch has prompted me to reflect on the lifestyle and freedom my business affords. So much more is possible than you think, outside of the money. In the past year, I’ve indulged in four weeks off and often worked only 20 to 30 hours per week—a stark contrast to my former legal career. And, as my own boss, I’ve been able to use my business as a platform for advocacy, amplifying my voice on crucial issues without fear of HR or losing my job.


If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that in the last three years I have stopped my business to talk about Black Lives Matter in the wake of the George Floyd murder and during the Iran Revolution. I’ve done so again this year with the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I have been able to talk about the things that are really important to me and advocate for social justice issues.


I don’t silence my voice and no longer try to cater to a certain person. It doesn’t matter to me if people unfollow me. Through this process I’ve figured out how to create a business where I can show up as my full messy human self and tell you when I’m burned out or need to stop working for a full couple of weeks or start talking about political issues. And I still manage to make more than I made as a lawyer. I still manage to make multiple six figures.


Now, as I consider scaling my business, I resist the conventional expectation of growth for its own sake. While I could launch more, advertise extensively, and diversify my offers, I’m happy to maintain the balance I’ve intentionally cultivated. My real goal lies in creating a business aligned with my desired lifestyle.


What awaits you


As I look ahead to 2024, I’m thrilled about the growth and transformation that awaits, fully aware that it might come with its share of lessons. 


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