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What if the secret to your happiness wasn’t in getting to the next milestone, or doing a bunch of things that society tells you to do, or accomplishing anything?  What if the secret was in undoing all of the BS you were sold?  What if the secret was in returning to who you were always meant to be before you were forced to be something you’re not? This week on the podcast, I got to talk to Erika Gerdes about how she left the dream career and dream life — an executive at Google, married with 2 young kids — to start undoing the facade that she had built around herself.  We’ll talk about how it took a divorce and quitting a job at the height of her career, and one she actually liked, for Erika to master the Art of Undoing — a framework that she now uses to help other people. We talk all about how she jumped without a plan while being a single mom of two little girls and the sole breadwinner!  Erika is such an incredible example of the fact that you can always go back to who you were always meant to be. 

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