Congrats! Your Quitting Stage is:

Stage 2: Exploration

Out of the 3 Quitting Stages, you’re in the second stage, Exploration. So what does that mean?

While quitting right now is not the best move for you, you’re on the right path to make some major moves to create a career you actually love. However, there are still some things you need to iron out before you are ready to make the leap.

The purpose of this guide is to help you figure out your very next steps so you don’t get overwhelmed and stuck trying to figure out the whole path. We want to make sure that if and when you decide to quit, it’s from a place of calm, rational choice and not reactive panic. This guide will take out the guesswork and get you on your way to identifying the actual problem and figuring out how to solve it.

Where you are now:


You know there is something wrong here. You know your career and work can be more fulfilling than this


You might have some ideas about what you could do from here but you’re not certain and you worry you might back the wrong decision.


You don’t have a comprehensive exit plan in place to know what your financial runway is, what your next steps are and strategies to overcome any obstacles you might hit.

What you need to focus on in the next 6 months:

Explore Alternative Options
Create an Exit Plan
Set Boundaries and Create a Dream Life

For a full breakdown of what the Quitting Stages are, why it’s important to know where you’re at, and a step-by-step workbook that will walk you through the 3 things you need to focus on over the next 6 months, click here to download the full guide.

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