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Want to know the secret to my success? I stopped pretending that I had it all together. The more I share my mistakes, my failures, my insecurities, the more people are attracted to me. The more I stop pretending like I have it all together, the more I allow myself to show up exactly as I am. The more I show up and take imperfect action, the more successful I become. There is a reason that “vulnerability” and “authenticity” are such buzzwords right now. We’re all sick of curated. We’re all sick of perfect. We crave more humanness. Just think about the people you follow online. Do you love following people who act like they have it all figured out, are breezing through life, and have no problems?!? I’m guessing no. It’s boring and fake. We love following people who share their struggles. Who show us that they’re just figuring it out just like the rest of us. And, yet, so many of you are still stuck trying to look perfect in your lives. Trying to pretend like you have it all together at work. Trying to portray that you’re not struggling with parenthood. Trying to put on a brave face. I want you to know that perfect is boring. Nobody wants perfect. Be human. Let people in. It’ll lighten the load and make the experience so much more fun.  

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