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I’m so excited to bring you this week’s episode with the amazing Janelle Nicole Christian. After nearly 6 years in BigLaw, Janelle transitioned into the career and digital media field through her company, SideBiz SMART, and her platform, Hey J. Nicole. Janelle’s mission is to help 6-figure employees start and stabilize successful side businesses in order to ditch corporate America and begin living healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled lives as entrepreneurs. After scaling her business to multiple six-figures in under a year and helping her clients do the same, Janelle’s work focuses on helping miserable millennials understand the value in decentralizing work (particularly corporate structures) and building a life around their personal priorities, gain clarity on their values, address and remove limiting beliefs regarding income and success, create a clear plan to define their life work, and guides them through any necessary pivots towards their dreams. In this episode, we discuss: – how Janelle discovered what really lights her up. – why it’s important to just get started, even if you don’t know what you want to do. – how she replaced her legal income in less than a year. – and so much more.

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