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This week’s incredible guest is Emily Giffin. She is a former lawyer and 10-TIME New York Times bestselling author. It wasn’t until after law school when she had moved to Manhattan to work in a big law firm to pay back her loans, that she began writing in her spare time and dreamed of becoming a writer.    In 2001, she decided to quit and move to London to pursue her dreams full-time. It was there that she started writing her first breakout hit, Something Borrowed, which was turned into a movie that starred Kate Hudson and Jennifer Goodwin and John Krasinski. And the rest, as they say, is history!   While I’m so excited to talk to her all about her journey and her incredibly inspiring career as an author, I think her story is such a great example of the power of taking a risk. So often we’re paralyzed by what we could lose that we fail to even consider the immense opportunities that we could gain if we just tried. Emily and I talk about how timing and luck has a part in all of our stories. But if she had never taken the chance, if she had never decided to take a risk that most people wouldn’t take, she would’ve given up a career so many only dream of. And what a shame that would have been!    In this episode, we dive in to talk about her journey, her new book called The Lies That Bind (it is so good!), and so much more!

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