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You’ve spent so much time and energy getting to where you are. You’ve acquired some incredible skills. It seems like such a waste to walk away from it all. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you used your skills in a new way? The problem is that most of us only think inside the box we’ve always been in. You do it how it has always been done.  But, with the internet, that no longer has to be your reality. There are so many ways to use your skills. So many ways to make money. It just requires you to think outside of the box. To figure out how you can take those skills and use them in new ways. Ways that serve you better. That’s exactly what we’re talking about (plus a lot more) on the podcast this week with Damona Hoffman.  Damona spent her career climbing the corporate ladder in Hollywood, holding several creative executive positions at studios like CBS, NBC Universal, and Paramount. But, like many mothers, after she had a child, she realized that the intense hours of her career were no longer what she wanted. After a decade of creating a notable career behind the camera as a TV producer and executive, Damona walked away. As she jumped into her own entrepreneurial journey, Damona used her skills from casting to production in her own business.  She not only became a certified dating and relationship coach but she made herself into an on-air personality. She is a regular contributor on The Drew Barrymore Show, CNN Headline News, The Washington Post, and more. She has an advice column in the LA Times. She’s been featured on various series on the A&E Network.  She also parlayed her skills into becoming a professional podcaster (meaning she gets paid to host a podcast for other people). She is now the host of the I Make A Living podcast for Freshbooks where she interviews people who work for themselves. The podcast provides a space to have candid conversations about what it is really like to make your own living. Damona is the perfect example that walking away doesn’t mean throwing it all away. It means building it on your own terms.

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