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As we head into uncertain economic times, it’s important to look to examples of people who have, not only survived but thrived through similar situations.   We need reminders that, while there are so many things we don’t control, we always control how we show up.   There is no better example of this than my friend, Janelle Copeland.    Janelle had a successful career in leadership and management at large retailers such as Circuit City, AT&T, and Best Buy. But during the 2008 recession, both Janelle and her husband were both laid off from their lucrative 6-figure jobs.   After having to file bankruptcy, Janelle had to find another way.    What she did next is incredible:   She started the Cake Mamas with her husband’s EX (What?!? I know.) They quickly grew their in-home bakery to over $10k a month She then decided to open up her first brick-and-mortar bakery She’s run that successful bakery for over 10 years with 15 employees She has been featured a number of times on Food Network, even winning the popular Cupcake Wars.  She has built an incredibly strong brand and business  She also started a second business coaching and consulting with female entrepreneurs   Janelle’s story is such a powerful reminder that sometimes our hardships are true blessings in disguise. That’s not to say they’re not difficult. But we didn’t sign up for “easy” with this life.   It can be incredibly powerful to see how others were able to, not only get through but thrive ​​​in tough times.    Janelle’s perspective is one we could all use right now. 

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