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This week I have the incredible Raman Sehgal on the show. As a self-proclaimed recovering marketer and upcoming podcaster, Raman has spent years building a remarkable portfolio. He began his career climbing the corporate ladder with big brands like Proctor & Gamble and Dannon and, later, left the security of corporate America to work at in the startup scene. While we talk about all of his transitions, it’s his latest one that I really wanted to highlight on the show.    Raman left the startup world to bring his unique perspective to life across his first 3 (of many?) podcasts: “the P&G Alumni Podcast,” “Model Minorities,” and “Quarantined Comics.” These shows share candid conversations that aspire to provide mentorship, solve racism, and debate Superman’s management style, respectively.    I wanted to have this conversation on the podcast because most of my past guests had already figured out their transitions. With Raman, we get to hear about how he’s figuring out this new venture right now, his approach to this new medium, and how he decides which projects to pursue. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and hope you gain as much from this conversation as I did.  

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