From Lawyer to Master Coach: How Kara Loewentheil is Helping Women Unfuck Their Brains
Ep. 80
| with
Kara Loewentheil

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    On this podcast, we’ve talked to tons of people who have quit careers that they hated in order to find something that they loved. The general premise is that this outside circumstance, namely their stressful job, is causing them to be miserable and so they make the leap in search of a circumstance that won’t cause them to feel that way.
    Well, on today’s episode, I am honored to talk to the incredible Kara Lowentheil, Master Certified Coach, and ex-reproductive rights litigator, about why that approach is the wrong way to go about it.
    Kara’s own journey is not unlike a lot of our previous guests. Kara received her B.A. from Yale and J.D. from Harvard. She went on to create an impressive legal resume including a clerkship for a Federal Court of Appeals and various jobs in academia. However, when she realized that no amount of accomplishment was going to bring her inner peace and happiness, she turned to life coaching and thought work.

    Thought work teaches how to bring awareness to and actively engage with your own thinking in order to help retrain your brain. Kara found that the more thought work she engaged in, the happier she became in her life regardless of the outside circumstances.

    After realizing the power of thought work in her own life, Kara decided to become a life coach in order to help other women unfuck their brain from all of the patriarchal programming. As we talk about in-depth, Kara didn’t leave because she hated her job. In fact, she discusses how she could have stayed and loved what she was doing. But seeing the impact that she could make on women’s lives with thought work was more of an exciting opportunity.
    In the last three years after pivoting from a legal career, she has grown her life coaching business from 0 to 7 figures. She’s the host of the iTunes top-rated self-help podcast Unf*ck Your Brain which has been downloaded over 6M times, and she has been featured in outlets like Marie Claire, Mind Body Green,, and The Huffington Post. Kara lives in New York City. Basically, she’s starting a feminist revolution.

In this episode, we discuss:

    Why you should learn to be happy in your career before making the decision to leave
    Why even if you’re happy, change will feel uncomfortable
    How being happy in your current situation is different than feeling ready to make a jump
    How thought work can help in any situation
    Why we feel stuck in careers that offer prestige
    And so much more.

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