How to Properly Set Goals to Actually Achieve your Dreams
Ep. 78
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    If you’re serious about achieving the many dreams you have for your life, you need to start getting serious about setting goals. I know goal-setting, especially around New Year’s, gets a bad rap. But setting goals is not the issue! Not setting the proper goals and not knowing how to follow through are the culprits.
    In this episode, I discuss why you need to regularly set goals, how to properly set them, and how to plan your weeks so you can actually work on them. While detailed planning will be helpful in almost any aspect of your life, it is especially helpful to if you want to start a side-hustle, make a career leap, or lay the groundwork for a significant life change.
    Pursuing your dreams takes courage and if you are sick of sleepwalking through life and know you are capable of more, then this is for you. I have always been a huge proponent of planning, but my method was never streamlined. I did not know that there was a right way to manage my calendar. Through learning how to juggle this podcast and photobooth business, I’ve discovered some tips and tricks to help maximize my time and my goals. And I’d love to share them with you!

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