From Accountant to Wedding Photographer to Brick-and-Mortar business owner- How Kim Le Pham constantly thinks outside of the box
Ep. 72
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Kim Le Pham

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    So often we hold on to what we know so tightly that we give up the opportunity of having something so much better. Kim Le Pham is on the podcast today and her story is such an inspiration to me. Everything this woman touches turns to gold and, yet, she never rests on her laurels. She’s constantly pushing herself (and her husband) out of their comfort zone. Kim Le went from climbing the corporate ladder as a CPA to becoming a wildly successful wedding photographer. But even though she was traveling the world, making a great living, and doing something she loved, she let herself pursue her curiosities.She started a fashion blog ( which led to an online clothing store ( which led to a brick-and-mortar clothing store which led to a second location that also has a cafe. And she’s not finished. She’s the founder and CEO of Morning Lavendar where she employs over 50 people and has been named to Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies 2 years in a row. And she’s just getting started.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    How the fear doesn’t go away.
    Why you deserve the same love you give everyone else.
    How we all have inner intuition and the importance of listening close enough.
    And so much more!

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