How Kelsey Murphy walked away from a great career to build an even better life
Ep. 63
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Kelsey Murphy

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    How would you feel about leaving a job that took you to places like Italy and let you work with well-known people like Bono? Most people would have a really hard time walking way from something everyone else considers a “dream job”. But Kelsey had a little feeling in her gut that there was something better out there for her. (Yes, even better than working with Bono).
    It wasn’t until her own dealings with a life coach that she began to consider a career change. She is now an in-demand life and business coach working with some big hitters like Marie Forleo as well as Fortune 500 companies like Facebook and Twitter. She now has a dream business where she brings in more money than her previous career while only working three days a week. And when Kelsey’s not coaching, you can find her hosting the Whiskey & Work Podcast where she gives her wise (and sometimes comical) advice on navigating the waters of business, life, and relationships.
    Kelsey’s story is an amazing example of what is possible if you’re willing to step into the unknown and to really go after what you want!

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Why you should stop ignoring that feeling in your gut.
    How you should follow your curiosity instead of your passion.
    How that perfect job for you exists, really!
    And so much more!

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