How Lindsey Schwartz quit the corporate world to become a Powerhouse Woman
Ep. 61
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Lindsey Schwartz

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    Lindsey started out like many people pursuing a career in the corporate world. Even though she was doing great at her job, it was during the 2008 recession that she realized this wasn’t a stable path. She then decided to enter entrepreneurship part-time through a company called Isagenix, a network marketing company which she still currently works with.
    From that company, she then created Powerhouse Women, an online community, a yearly event, a book, and a podcast. (Whew!). After seeing numerous women in her life stop short of pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams because of fear and self-doubt, she saw the need for more honest conversations about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship in order to show women that they don’t have to have it all together to get started.
    What I love the most about Lindsey’s story is that she sets an example for her community. She didn’t wait around for a huge social media following or to have some kind of star-backing, she wrote a book because she wanted to write a book and became a best-seller. She created an event because she saw a need and now it’s growing year after year! If you take away one single message from Lindsey’s story, let it be this: just start. Whatever it is that you want to do, just start doing it. You never know where that path may lead!

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    How no one actually knows what they’re doing and you don’t have to do it alone.
    How fulfillment comes from giving yourself time and space to do the things you want to do.
    Why it’s important to think about the limitations you’re arguing for.
    And so much more!

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