How Kelsey Chapman Built a Brand and Found Her Passion While Serving Coffee
Ep. 59
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Kelsey Chapman

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    A common theme we’ve seen is that a lot of new career paths evolve out of the need to create a hobby or some kind of outlet. Kelsey Chapman’s story begins in a similar place. She started blogging in addition to her day job because she was feeling frustrated and trapped. (Sound familiar?).
    Over time her blog built up an audience and things eventually grew into her own agency. However, after years of growing her successful agency, Kelsey made the difficult decision to shut it down because it no longer served her. We talk all about how hard it is to walk away from something that is working but you know is not the path you want to be on. What’s amazing about Kelsey’s story is that she used all of her newly-found skills from building her agency to land an incredible job in marketing.  She really is a testament to the idea that there really is no right or wrong decision. All it takes is a leap of faith and the path will lead you where you need to go!
    Kelsey also currently helps entrepreneurs to build their business, grow their platform, and steward their influence in her year long program called, Dream to Done. It is her mission to help women turn their dreams into profitable ventures that can allow them to live with both freedom in their finances and their time.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Why you don’t have to martyr yourself to make a difference.
    That it’s okay to walk away from something that’s making you unhappy even if it’s making money.
    Why you’re allowed to pivot as many times as you need.
    And so much more!

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