How Dona Bumgarner designed a business based on what she needed most
Ep. 48
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Dona Bumgarner

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    Today’s episode is a perfect example of how to be intentional in your career. So often we do what we think we should be doing: working insane hours, building the biggest business possible, trying (and often failing) to balance life, etc. We go for the money or the title, even if that’s not what we really want. Dona Bumgarner bucked that trend and is building the life and career that works for her and her family.
    Of course, it wasn’t always like this. Dona started out in a position that many of us find ourselves in- climbing the corporate ladder. She was working at Apple for over 11 years and eventually landed herself in an upper management job at the company before quitting to pursue graduate school. But as she was starting school, she found out she was pregnant, which changed her priorities. She decided to leave school after one semester to become a full-time mom. Thankfully, she had saved up enough money to have a little bit of wiggle room before deciding what to do next, but not everything was smooth sailing.
    During this time period, she found herself struggling a bit when her life shifted from a conference room to a changing table. While this struggle led her to try multiple different careers, it ultimately helped her craft the career she wanted with intention.
    Through a coaching program, Dona realized that her passion was in helping other moms who have lost themselves in motherhood.  She now works with other moms to help them unearth their passions and step back into their fierce, powerful selves, so they can live a life far bigger than just being Mom. However, she intentionally has kept her practice small, only working 10-15 hours a week, so that she can be the primary caretaker of her young daughter.
    Her decision to reject the pressure to build the biggest business possible in order to have the balance that she so deeply wants is inspiring and a great lesson for anyone on their quitting journey.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Why it’s okay to explore and try out different paths until you find the right fit.
    The importance of being intentional about how you want your life to look and feel.
    How it’s normal to experience Imposter Syndrome.
    And so much more!

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