How Dawn Lewis followed her passion for crafting and became a professional
Ep. 43
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Dawn Lewis

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    I love Dawn’s story! Did you know that you could even be a professional crafter?! I didn’t. And, actually, neither did Dawn. She started out her career in the corporate world and ended up leaving when she had her second child. She had every intention of going back to work when her children were in school.
    But because her daughters had special needs, Dawn needed to stay at home much longer. When her daughters were grown, Dawn was looking for something to occupy her time and decided to teach crafting at her local community center. Given her love of crafting, this hobby was a great way to earn a bit of extra money while doing something she loved.
    However, through networking, volunteering, and a lot of hard work, Dawn turned that hobby into a full-time career. Dawn is now a professional crafter, vlogger and podcaster based on the New South Wales Central Coast of Australia. She has worked in the Australian craft industry for well over a decade, creating projects for craft magazines and brands across a variety of craft mediums. She has hosted an Australian papercrafting television show, spoken at The Artful Business Conference about how video is a valuable tool for enhancing the customer experience. She has an online store selling craft supplies, teaches in collaboration with other businesses locally, and just launched The Craft Room Podcast. Find out exactly how she made that jump on the episode today!

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Why she left the corporate world to stay at home with her children
    Why her plan to go back to the corporate world didn’t really work out
    How she got involved in the craft community
    How she went from just a hobbyist to a professional crafter
    How networking really helped her career take off
    And so much more!

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