From teacher to Pinterest manager: How Jena Liat developed a new skill, started a business and replaced her income all within 2 years
Ep. 35
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Jena Liat

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    Jena is a wife and mom who taught 5th grade for 6 years until she realized that her career as a teacher no longer fit with her life.  Without knowing what she wanted to do next, she just started by putting herself out there as a virtual assistant. When one of her clients needed her to learn Pinterest management, Jena discovered her love for lead generation and Pinterest strategy. In just 2 years, Jena has created her own Pinterest-focused marketing business where she works for driven and purpose-filled online brands who want to reach more people and make more impact with their content. Her business has allowed her to replace her income while spending more time at home with her children. She thrives on providing hospitality, serving her clients through personalized attention, and loving on her husband and two beautiful daughters.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    Why Jena left teaching even though it was a career she loved
    How she got started in the online space
    How one client’s needs led her to her current business
    How she has replaced her income in under 2 years
    Whether Pinterest is right for your business
    Why there is always room even in a saturated market for your service

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