How to Gain Financial Independence with Paula Pant
Ep. 28
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Paula Pant

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    Well, there is nothing better to start the New Year off with than an episode all about how to get financially independent so that you can do what you want! I’m so excited to have the incredible Paula Pant on the show today to do just that!!
    As she likes to say herself, Paula is unemployable. She quit her job more than a decade ago, has traveled to more than 40 countries and refuses to work for anyone else. She runs the website Afford Anything, which holds a community of more than 53,000 email subscribers. She’s the host of the Afford Anything podcast, which has enjoyed more than 4 million downloads. Both spread the idea that you can afford anything, but not everything.
    After building financial independence through real estate investing, Paula is helping people all over the world figure out how to get out of debt and create financial independence for themselves. On this episode, we get into the details of her path to early retirement and how we can all get started on our own paths.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    What the FIRE movement is really about
    How Paula got started on her own journey to financial independence
    How freelancing gave her freedom to travel for over 2 years and the skills to never go back to a “job”
    Where the big opportunities in freelance writing are today
    How she built her rental property portfolio and the resources she offers her community to do the same
    What some possible downsides are to the FIRE movement and how to have the proper discussions to work around those issues
    And so much more!

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