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I’m launching my membership, the Quitter Club, for the first time and I want to tell you all about it. Why did I switch to a membership? What’s included? Who is it for? All of that and more is included in this week’s episode.

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Hey, welcome to Lessons From a Quitter where we believe that it is never too late to start over. No matter how much time or energy you spent getting to where you are, if ultimately you are unfulfilled, then it is time to get out. Join me each week for both inspiration and actionable tips so that we can get you on the road to your dreams.

Hello my friends. Welcome to another episode. I'm so excited to have you here. This episode's gonna be a little bit different. I wanted to talk to you about my new membership, the Quitter Club. So if you've been listening for a while, you heard me mention it. I recently opened up a membership a couple of months ago and I opened it up just to my email list and we did kind of a smaller founding members launch and we did kind of a special price but it was for the year and I'm getting ready to open it up actually when this comes out. It will be open this week, November 28th to December 2nd, 2022. If you're listening in the future, there are other times it will obviously be open but I figured I haven't done like a full episode talking about my program and I get a lot of the same questions. And so I really wanted to have a resource where I can point people to tell them everything that they get and what comes with it and why I'm doing it. And I kind of wanted to take you behind the scenes of why I decided to change things up cause I know a lot of you have listened for a while and I used to offer a Pave Your Path program that was a six-month group coaching program. I've gotten tons of questions like am I still gonna offer that? And so I wanted to just have an episode where I could tell you all about it and answer hopefully most of your questions. Okay, before I get into like what it is and what you get and all of that stuff, I did wanna tell you guys walk you through kind of my process of why I did this because I find it relevant to what a lot of you are going through because I think that sometimes it's easy to look at other people and think that they have it figured out, they know exactly what they're doing, they don't have any fears, everything just works out. And no matter how many times I tell you that that's just not the case, I think that it's just easier to tell you in real time. Part of what I love doing with this podcast and this company is that I get to be completely transparent. I think a lot of people don't do that and it’s to their detriment in my mind because it is a lot harder to try to pretend that you're successful and everything is great, it's just so much easier to let people in. And I think it has the added benefit of also helping you guys understand that your situation is not that much different than mine. So with this membership, the reason I say this is because I have mulled over this idea for literally since I started coaching for the past for sure two years. I really wanted to do a membership model type product. And there are a lot of business reasons why it's not the best model, it's not the easiest model. So a lot of business advice is to do one-on-one coaching or group coaching programs and that is solid advice when you're starting out. But I realized I was always doing other things in the hopes that I would get to the point where I could have a membership. Like I just wanted to do this membership because part of my goal with the Lessons From A Quitter is to help as many people as possible. And I really wanted a program where I it wasn't capped at 20 people, it wasn't kind of high touch high end coaching where not everybody could maybe afford it. I wanted it to be something that was more accessible, that everyone got the help that they needed. And I didn't realize I was consciously doing this but when I finally realized that I was like trying to get to a place where it would quote unquote be okay for me to start a membership where like other people would give me permission to say like now you're at a point in your business or in your, you know, with your audience that you're allowed to do this. And when I realized I was doing that, I knew I had to stop. Like I knew okay, I'm just afraid. Like yes, it doesn't make sense on paper but my goal in my business is not what is the easiest and/or what's the most amount of money I can make. Like I mean, it is definitely to make a lot of money but it's not the end all be all. Like the bottom line is the only thing that matters to me and I wanna be able to make as much money as fast as possible. I started realizing like I have different goals for my business. I definitely want to make a lot of money and I don't have any like shame in saying that I wanna make money or having that as a business goal. I think that is a very valid metric of like whether your business is doing well it is what can help you actually grow and hire the team you need and have the resources you need and provide the help that you need for your audience. But I was like realizing that I was okay with not maybe growing as fast or scaling as fast or making as much money if I was focusing on the thing that I wanted to do. And if I was helping in the way that I wanted it. And if I was having more of an impact like that was more important to me. And this is why, you know, I harp so much on doing vision work and figuring out what your values are and what your priorities are and what why you’re doing the thing you're doing. Cuz the clearer I got on it, the clearer it became that I wanted to have a program that anybody could come into whenever they needed and stay for as long as they needed. So one of the things that I ran into, one problem that we ran into with the group coaching program is that, like I've said here a million times, you don't just wake up one day and like have a brain that doesn't need coaching that like is just totally fine, never has any problems, doesn't have a ton of negative thoughts, doesn't need to be coached. And so while I would help people in my six-month program and they would make these huge strides, they would find themselves like at the next stage having a whole new set of fears, a whole new set of worries and constantly feeling like they didn't want to leave the container, right? They didn't want to leave the program because they still wanted to get coached. Like if they were trying to figure out what they wanted to do for for their next career, they might do that in the six months. But then now they have all the fears of like well what if it doesn't work and I have to put myself out there and what if people laugh at me and all those other things or how do I build this business and I don't know how to do this. And so I wanted a place where people could join and just stay as long as they need it and get as much coaching on as many things as their brains needed. And when they were ready, they could leave and they could come back and it could kind of just be a community that they could join whenever they felt like they needed that additional support. And so when I started like realizing that all of these things like my own desires, how I wanted to impact people, making it more accessible, making the price point more accessible and allowing people to get as much support as they needed, I realized that like really a membership is the way to do this for me. Now again, I had tons of fear and doubt around this. Like what I was doing was working, right? My group program was doing really well, people were getting a lot of results. I had created the whole course so there was tons of like videos and worksheets that walk people through it. So I had to do I did like the heavy lifting and now it would be easier to keep just duplicating like having other cohorts and showing up for coaching calls but not having to re-do anything. And so from that standpoint it made more sense to just continue that, right? And I have found that in this journey, there's just multiple times where I get to a place where it is working and yet it's not what I want, right? And each time I I do wanna let you know each time it gets easier but it's never easy. Like it's still super hard. It still took me months of grappling with like am I really gonna do this? Am I really gonna stop running the group program? Am I really gonna go all in on this membership? And I really just got to the place where I had to give myself just the permission to do it, to decide that like this is what is in my clients’ best interest, this is what's in my best interest and I will figure it out and it might be more work and it might be harder and it might not grow as fast. And all of that is okay, I'm willing to accept that 50/50 of it, that part of it in order to have the other 50/50, in order to have something that I really truly feel so called to do and feel so excited about and like really truly believe that is the thing that can help so many more people. And so I just decided to do it. But the reason I want you to really hear me on this is that I had to do it super scared that like it this could fail, right? I could put this out and it doesn't work and maybe there's things I don't see cuz I've never done it, right? There's a reason that so many people that have been in this space tend to warn people against this. And I had to really grapple with that that like this is something that can be a um, I don't know, not a fail, but even me seeing like oh I I didn't realize that this would happen or I didn't know these problems I was gonna create for myself and I just had to be okay with that. Like it wasn't that I was gonna get to a place where I figured it all out and I knew how it was gonna go off without a hitch and it's gonna be the most successful thing ever. I just made a decision that I'm gonna make it a success. I'm gonna figure it out. I'm gonna figure out how to run it. I'm gonna figure out how to market it. I'm gonna figure out how to sell it. I'm gonna give myself the time to do that and it might not work and I might fail in front of a lot of people and am I willing to do that? And like I said I mean, I think I've just gotten better at being willing to do that with each thing, whether it was leaving the law or then stopping my photo booth company or going from the podcast to starting coaching. With each thing, like I really had to ask myself: are you willing to do this knowing that you might fail? And when the answer was yes, where it was like I have to see I've been thinking about this membership for so long, I am willing to test it out to see if it's gonna work or not and maybe it won't, right? Maybe I mean, I don't deny that that's a possibility and then I'll deal with that, right? And then I'll figure out the next step. And I'm telling you guys doing this work is life-changing because part of that decision is the decision on how I'm gonna treat myself if that happens like if this ends up let's say not working out, which I don't see happening, it's we've already started and I already love it. It's already amazing. But I'm just saying were that to happen, I've already made a decision that like I would have my own back. Like I wouldn't look at it and be like oh, you're so dumb. You shouldn't have done this. Everybody told you. Why can't you listen? Like I look at it as like look at us not needing permission, doing things our own way, trying things out, seeing if they work, changing them when they don't. Alright, we tried something, that didn't work. What's next? Right? And like having that attitude just makes life and business so much easier because it my whole self-worth doesn't ride on the fact of whether I decided to do a membership versus a group program, right? And it sounds silly saying this but we all do that. We all think like if I try this one thing and it doesn't work then that means I'm a failure and I'm not smart enough and I wasn't good enough and I always ignore red flags or whatever other stories we create about ourselves. And so I truly want you to know that part of it and I want you to know it now because it's easy for me to come back in a year when this is a success because it will be and say like oh, look at this. Oh yeah, I was so scared then and it's easier to write that off. It's like oh, she knew it was gonna be a success or whatnot. And I'm telling you, this is like the first time I'm opening doors so I have no idea how this is gonna happen. Like when I sold the founding members, the beta group, it was for a year long, it was at a 50% discount. So I don't know what's gonna happen with this and I'm super excited about that. Like I don't need to know, this is when I figure it out, this is how I figure it out, right? I don't know how this launch is gonna go. And so I just wanted to start that off just so you guys know like where I'm coming from and why I decided to do this and what's going on behind the scenes so that you don't think that it's like oh, you know, like I I know how to do everything right in my business and somebody told me what to do and this is just the path and I'm just, you know, following, I don't know, some step by step to do which is like what everyone's looking for. It just doesn't exist. I feel like every time I do this and every time I learn this lesson I have to relearn it. It's like I started coaching and I thought I'd had it figured out and I thought I had the group program figured out and I got to a place where I was like this isn't working for me anymore. Like it is on paper, it works great but it's not working for me. And like nobody else could tell me what I needed to do. Nobody else could tell me. Like they gave me advice but part of it had to really be like me digging deep and realizing like what's right for me? What's right for my clients? What's right for my business? What's the type of business I wanna run and like am I gonna give myself permission to do it in that way? And the more I've done that, it's fascinating for me, like I've watched this journey of myself and I talk a lot about this like how you even find your own path is just taking these steps and pivoting like little making little incremental changes and sometimes big changes. And with each one, you just get closer and closer and closer to your own north star, to your own path, to your own, I dunno, alignment. And I feel this with each step. Like when I started the coaching to when I grew the group program to even making this decision, I feel like I've stepped so much more into my own authority about what's right for me. I think I was still waiting for other people to give me permission for a really long time and I was trying to do it the quote unquote right way. And I was trying to do what other people told me I should do. And these last six months have been just such a beautiful experiment of really stepping into like I know what's best for me even if other people don't. And like can I trust that? And even if it doesn't turn out to be the way that I want it, can this be the best thing for me? Because it's gonna teach me how to listen to that authority, how to like make those decisions faster, how to trust myself and not need to hem and haw for two years, right? So that's sort of the behind the scenes of why I'm doing it. Now, like I said, I we did open doors in October to a uh small founding members group and I just have to tell you that the Quitter Club has become my absolute favorite place. I knew it would be and it has exceeded every expectation that I've had for it. I love love love getting to go through this with so many like-minded people who are really just trying to create the best versions of their lives, who are trying to take responsibility for what they can control and figure out what it is they wanna do and try things and fail and listen to that inner authority and stop listening to everybody else. So it's been amazing and now we're gonna open it up. And so I wanna tell you a little bit about it in case you're interested in doing this work with me. Okay, so here's what it is. Like I said, it's called the Quitter Club and it is a membership. Now, that is either monthly or yearly and we'll talk about that in a minute. But I wanted to create a hub where you could get everything that you needed to kind of create this career in life that you actually love, that you don't wanna escape from. Okay? So with everything that we've talked about on the podcast, we actually apply it to our lives, right? Listening to it is great to a certain extent but it's just like listening to how to ride a bike. You can listen to how to ride a bike for as long as you want. Until you get on that bike and start pedaling, you're not gonna figure out how to actually do it. And so part of this is taking these concepts that we all know, we all intellectually understand, we all start having some reframes and then saying like okay, how am I not doing this in my own life? How am I not doing this at work? How am I not setting boundaries? How am I, you know, giving away some of my authority? How am I showing up in this relationship? And truly changing things so that we can start living whatever your version of your dream life is which is also what we work on in the getting clear on. So I want you to understand that this it's called a Quitter Club, it's not about having to quit your job, okay? If you want to, great. There's stuff for you there but even if you don't want to, it's about quitting what's not working anymore, okay? It's about quitting dreading Mondays and living for the weekend. It's about quitting staying somewhere that no longer works for you. And that doesn't mean your actual physical job, it means even your relationship to the job, right? It means quitting people-pleasing and perfectionism and procrastination and your all-or-nothing thinking, right? It's starting to get a handle on all of the things that we do to self-sabotage and slowly starting to like take steps and actually follow through and set goals and figure out what we want and create like a vision and find clarity and go after that path. So that's whether you want to quit or whether you just wanna stop hating your current career, right? You wanna learn how to set boundaries, you wanna like create work life balance, you wanna learn to manage your mind around staying exactly where you're at, right? We do that. We also help you uncover your dreams. So if you do wanna go after the bigger thing, you do wanna take time to experiment with different career paths and see what lights you up and reach out to people and learn how to make a decision without going back and forth a million times, right? Or maybe you already know what your dream career is and you wanna learn how to set goals and follow through with them and stop self-sabotaging and do all this without upending your whole life, right? All of that is in the Quitter Club for you. And how we do this, I wanna tell you what's included. The reason I love this is through these two years of doing Pave Your Path, doing my group program, I developed a lot of coursework like videos and lessons and it's included in this membership as a roadmap, okay? For the career that you want. So it has stages, every stage that you are gonna be at. And in those stages, it has video lessons and worksheets that will walk you through so you can go at your own pace and find the tools that you need to tackle whatever problem you’re needing to tackle, right? So it starts with the mindset work, which I know sounds like a lot of you have been listening and you're like yeah, I've heard of the model. I know how to use this. But I promise you, as much as you think you know, when you actually start applying it, there's so much that goes into actually applying it to your work and to your life every single day. And so stage one walks you through all of the basics, the foundation of mindset work. Stage two then walks you through all of the things that you need to love where you're at right now. All of the mindset tools to learn how to like set boundaries and fix your manuals with people and take responsibility and design the life that you want. All of that's in there. Stage three goes into finding your dream career and that's a lot of clarity and vision work and, you know, five-year blueprints and your self-concept and all of that stuff. Creating a runway, a quitting runway, helping you figure out what it is that you wanna do. And then the last stage is all of the videos about going after it. So how to fail and be okay with it, exploring, testing the waters without having to like quit your job and jump into it. How do you evaluate and learn how to pivot? How do you make that decision and not sit in the land of I don't know forever. So all of that is there. As soon as you join, you have access to whatever stage you're in and you can it can take you a month to go through it. You can stay in one stage for a year, it doesn't matter, right? What I want you to think of as the Quitter Club as is like a buffet. The point of a buffet is not to go and eat everything, right? The point is to figure out like what is it that I like or what I need and I'm just gonna take that. I'm gonna go and get that, right? I don't wanna get sick. And so part of it is like this roadmap helps you not get overwhelmed, helps you figure out what stage you're in so you can start doing that work. In addition to the roadmap, there's also a library of additional classes and lessons. So we will be growing the library as we do these video lessons and worksheets throughout the month but there's tons in there already on time management, self-confidence, goal-setting, learning how to prioritize yourself. This last month in November we did “How To Do Less.” If you wanna learn how to do less so you can have more work life balance, all of that is housed there. You you get it on demand. A lot of times with memberships, things are dripped. You have to be in for a certain amount of months before you can access it. That's not the way it is here. You get in and you have access to all of it. Okay? In addition to the courses, like that in and of itself is what was in Pave Your Path, which was a six-month program that was $4,000, right? So you get access to all of that stuff but the biggest thing that I've seen that changes how we live our lives is coaching, is helping you figure out where your blind spots are, what you're not seeing, what you're getting stuck with and just showing you that so that what you might ruminate with or struggle with for months and months can be cleared up in 10 minutes, right? You can get start getting the thoughts what the problem is so you can actually work on it in a way where you start making progress. And so we'll do weekly coaching calls. And these coaching calls are at different times so that people from different time zones can join and they are all recorded and uploaded so you can watch it on replay. There's also a private podcast feed where all of the recordings are uploaded to so that you can listen to it on the go. If you're driving to work, if you're going for a walk, if you're washing dishes, you can just listen to other people be coached because listening to them be coached is just as powerful, if not more, than getting coached yourself. When you get coached, it's sort of like deer in headlights, it's very hard to take in in the beginning cause you sort of your defenses are up, you maybe you feel nervous but listening to other people, you start noticing oh, we all have the same exact thoughts and fears and it's easier when I hear someone else think like that's ridiculous, why would this person say such mean things to themselves? But then you realize I say the same things. And so slowly listening to coaching over time just changes the way that your brain thinks, I swear. I'm in a membership and I just listen to the coaching calls in the podcast. And that is what has transformed my life over years because I just listen to so many coaching calls and I see people have the same issues and I start spotting those issues in my own life and I start applying that coaching. And so you'll have access to all of that and as the club grows, there will be more and more calls. So right now, it's starting with one call a week. There will likely be more and more as we go into the new year so that we can tackle different subjects, we can tackle different topics, we can have different calls on like learning the model versus entrepreneurship or, you know, how to set boundaries or whatever the calls might be. So as the club grows, those will grow as well. And you have to understand the importance of being in a community like this with like-minded people. Like when you come into the club, you will see there's a community hub where you can connect, support and get guidance from other people that are going on this journey. Some of the most supportive, amazing people who are so willing to help out, to ask you questions, to get you to see maybe something that you're not seeing. This is where we share our wins, this is where we share resources, this is where we network, this is where we talk about all of the things that we're dealing with in our business, in our jobs and our lives. And it's also where you can get written coaching. So in addition to the coaching calls that you can come or you can listen on the private podcast, you can come in on a specific channel in this community and you can just put what your problem is and you can say like I'm struggling with this and you'll get coaching within 48 hours. Usually, you get it within 24 hours but you'll get a written response that tells you where to take your self-coaching. And part of the reason I want to do this is because I want you to learn how to coach yourself. I want you to use these tools to learn the model so that you don't need me or other coaches to constantly tell you that you can start redirecting yourself faster and faster. You can start seeing where these limiting beliefs come up and change them for yourselves, right? And so all of that will absolutely change your life and it will change your job, it will change your career, it will change how you relate to people. And I want you to think about the ripple effects that that has in your life. Like the ripple effects it has on your spouse, on your kids, on your friends, on your parents, on the people around you. When you show up and you're not as reactive and you're not as defensive and you're not as shame-filled and you're not as angry and you're not as stressed and you have balance and you're doing things to meet your own needs and you don't need other people to meet your needs and you're figuring out what you want and you're going after these big lives. I just want you to think about how that impacts your relationships, how that impacts your health, how that impacts your sleep, how it impacts everything. Cause I see it every day. I see all of these people posting their wins and how their kids are starting to use the model and it's rubbing off on, you know, their spouses or how they're teaching their friends about how to do less. And all of this stuff starts having the biggest impact on your life. And so all of that in and of itself is worth it. But we do more. We do masterclasses. Every month, we pick one theme and we talk about it and we coach on it. And when you get a worksheet, and I do this because I want to work through these things with you, I want you to understand that this isn't something that you come in and you change everything about your brain and your life in 30 days. It doesn't work like that. I wish it did. But anybody that tells you that that's how it works, run the other way because that is a lie, right? And so I want you to stay out of overwhelm. So many of people come to me and tell me they're stuck and it's mostly out of overwhelm. They're procrastinating, they're not doing the things they wanna do. And so what we start doing is every month we do a monthly lesson, a focus with worksheets, different challenges to start working on one part of our career in life so that we can start like building brick by brick this career that we want. Okay? So last month was how to do less. And you can find that in the library of classes. December is gonna be how to dream bigger. And it is one of the most important classes especially if you don't know what you want to do. If you listen to last week's podcast, you know that I don't believe that. I think you do know what you wanna do and I'm gonna get it out of you. We're gonna let you start creating a safe space where you can actually dream, where you can actually say things that you want for your life, whether you go after them or not, right? We're gonna start accessing that part of ourselves that's not afraid all the time. That's really willing to be like what is the biggest life I could have? Why am I not going after it? And then in January we're gonna work through how to follow through. So, so many people tell me I know what I want and I put it on my calendar but I just don't follow through. I come home and I just start watching Netflix or I start scrolling social media. I got you. I used to be the same way. And one of the biggest skills is learning follow through. And so in January we're not gonna just set goals where everyone does in January and then stops after two weeks. We're gonna learn the crucial skill of how do I follow through when I said I'm gonna do something. And so I'll give you the video lessons and the worksheets to be able to work through that and start building that skill. It is a skill that you will use in every part of your life, right? So there's these monthly lessons next year I have so many plans, there's so good. Entrepreneurship, setting boundaries, self-confidence, on and on and on. And that's not it. We're also gonna be bringing in tons of guest speakers to teach masterclasses. People that can deep dive on specific topics that they are an expert in, whether that's in how to rebrand your resume and really highlight your transferable skills, whether that's how to get started in entrepreneurship, how to figure out what side hustle you wanna do, how to save up in order to be able to quit, how to start thinking about your finances. All of these things are gonna happen next year. We're gonna bring people in that are gonna help you start again, learning some of the strategy, learning some of the skills, okay? There's all of that and there is so much more. One of the biggest things that I'm excited for with the club and I was really excited to do a membership is because it allows me to be so much more creative and provide so much more because I want it to be like a buffet. I want you to get whatever it is you need and people need different things, right? And so we're gonna tackle a lot of different topics. We're gonna tackle a lot of different subjects and you're gonna have access to all of it, okay? And so I want you to know that I'm no longer doing the Pave Your Path program, the six-month program. I might do a six-month program in the future, it will likely be a different focus. For now, this is the only way to work with me. For the next year, this is all it will be, likely for much longer than that. And so I want you to know if that's what you were waiting for. Cause I've heard some people ask me like when that's gonna open, it's not going to. So this is the doors open right now for the Quitter Club until December 2nd. This is the way to do this type of work, to do it in-depth. And so here is the nitty gritty of it, the details of it. So you get all of this, the weekly coaching calls, the entire course roadmap, the library of classes, the community that you can engage with, the masterclasses that come up, the monthly lessons, you get all of that. The private podcast feed, the searching feature where you can search all of the past calls for the issues that you need for either $197 a month, $197 a month or if you do the yearly membership, it's $1,997. Okay? So less than $2,000 for the whole year, which I would highly recommend because I want you to not put the pressure on yourself that like you have to get everything done in a month or two months. Like if you think you're gonna come in and as soon as you're not being consistent, you're gonna drop out. I'm just gonna let you know you're not gonna be consistent all the time cuz life is gonna life, it's gonna happen. So give yourself the gift of like having time to come back to it over and over again. But even if you wanna just see what it's about and you wanna join, you can join monthly. You can join for the $197 a month. That's less than most people spend in like two target runs or one target run if you're me, a month, right? So like stop spending on all the stuff that you're putting as like a bandaid to make yourself feel better, doing all these things because we're so unhappy in our lives. And start figuring out why you're unhappy and fix that. So you don't need to go buy all the stuff or spend that money in all the ways that we spend our monies. So I have gotten some frequently asked questions and I wanted to address some of them here is do we get personal support from me? Like do you get coaching from Goli? Yes, of course, absolutely. You get coaching from me, you get written coaching, I will be the one running most of the coaching calls like like I said, as we get bigger and as we have more guest speakers, there will be other coaches, which is a great thing. I want you to see how other people coach because you actually might like them more than me. Trust me, that will likely happen. And so you see different people's style and how they approach different things and how they think about different things. But you will always get coaching calls with me and when if you want coaching, you can get it. You can just come on, raise your hand and you ask for coaching and I coach you. A lot of people ask like how much time it takes. And again, it's however it's like a gym, it's whatever you wanna put into it. Someone can go to a gym and work out two times a day two hours each. I mean, I don't recommend that but people do it for sure and they're gonna like be in a body building phase and some people might go two to three times a week for 30 minutes. There's no right or wrong way to do it. It's really like what you prefer. There's no perfection required. You're allowed to be inconsistent and you're allowed to use whatever you need in order to get what you want, right? A lot of you have asked me like when the coaching calls will be, and again, these are staggered. They're staggered between usually nine to five pacific standard time. So you can adjust that for whatever time you're in. Again, as we grow and then we likely have guest coaches, we may do different. We may do earlier times for east coast people or maybe even later for my international friends. I've also had people say to me like well, I feel like I get a lot from the podcast or the free monthly coaching calls. So how will this be different? Here's the thing, beyond what I just said like you get all these other additional resources, like you get the videos that you can do on your own. You learn these concepts more in-depth, you get the worksheets, you get the community. The thing is is like it's one thing to listen or to show up once in a while and hear a coaching call. And it's another thing to do this work step by step. Again, it's like a gym. I could go to the gym once a month or I can listen to how, you know, I should eat and be healthy but if I don't actually apply it, it doesn't really matter, right? It doesn't matter how much I hear it because I'm not actually doing the work. And so, while I'm so happy that the podcast has helped, and that's part of why I do it, if it has helped you, then the club will help you a hundred times more because you'll actually start applying this stuff to your life every day and start seeing that transformation speed up. So if you like the podcast, you absolutely should be in the club with me. And then the other thing I wanna tell you, just about canceling. I know a lot of people like to like hide the ball and people get really scared of memberships because it's super complex and you go to cancel and someone tells you like oh, you should have canceled by this date and you can't get whatever. I make it super straightforward. There's a video when you join, it'll show you how to cancel. It's like two buttons on your account when you signed up. If you cancel before you get charged for the next month, it's canceled. I'm not trying to keep people in against their will. My goal is not to try to like trick you into paying for another month if you don't need it. I want you truly to just get the help that you need. So really my intention with this is for people to stop suffering silently and by themselves alone and thinking that there's something wrong with them and that they just can't figure it out or they're just stuck or they're just broken or, you know, they're not consistent or disciplined or whatever the story is that you've created in your brain. I promise you that it is a story and that it is not truth and that it is not fact. And that we can change it and we can start telling a more empowered story that gets you to start not only going after your dreams but reducing the suffering a little bit that so many of us love to like engage in every day, this like self-punishment, the self-loathing. We're gonna quit all that and we're gonna start learning how to be compassionate with ourselves, how to build our self-confidence, how to be nice to ourselves and give ourselves grace so that we can actually try things and fail and not constantly beat ourselves up and go after this big life. So I want you to join me. I can promise you that if you apply this work, you come in and you do the work, it will change your life. It has changed so many people's lives. It has changed my life. This is the same work that I've done to go from being a lawyer to now being a coach that makes multiple six figures and works about 20 hours a week and is super kind to herself and takes naps and loves her life, right? I couldn't have predicted that this is where I would be. And it was through doing this thought work. It was through truly applying it. And if you get started, imagine how different 2023 can be for you. Like if 2022 came and passed and it was the same old same old, I want you to invest in yourself. Give yourself a Christmas present this year and change it for next year. Do something different. Even if yes, you're scared, even if you don't know if it's gonna work, I'm telling you it's gonna work. I can I've seen it work with so many people. If you have a human brain, this works for you. And so I don't want you to like suffer in your career and in your life anymore. I want you to join the club and let us help you and like get the support and the resources and the tools and get the coaching that you need so you can start changing all of these really harmful, hurtful stories and creating a life that actually fills you up. So that's it, my friends. That is the Quitter Club. It is open, like I said, until December 2nd, which is a couple of days if you're listening to this, you know, when it comes out. And if you're not, you can get on the wait list for the next time the doors open. The wait list is at or you can sign up there. I truly hope that you decide to bet on yourself and invest in yourself and create the life that you not only deserve but is so within reach. If you are ready to do this work together, join me. Let's go. I love this. I love you guys. I love seeing you all grow and I can't wait to do more of that in the coming months with you in the Quitter Club. So go to and join me and we will see all of the amazing things you do. I can't wait to have you as success stories and have you on the podcast sharing about how you've changed your life. Join me. I can't wait to do this work with you.

Thank you so much for listening. If you liked this episode, share it with someone else. I promise you know somebody who also hates their job and wants to quit, so why not share the love? And if you want to come follow along for more, come join me on Instagram at LessonsFromAQuitter and make sure you say hi. I'll see you next week for another episode.