Leaning Into Uncertainty And Doubt
Ep. 220
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On this week’s podcast, I’m taking you behind the scenes of all of my UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT around my new membership launch. You might be wondering: “Why are you doing this, Goli?”

Because I want you to stop thinking that other people have it figured out.
Because I want you to see that the entire process is filled with fear and doubt. 
Because I don’t want to just show you results; I want to show you the messy middle.

Show Transcript
Hey, welcome to Lessons From a Quitter where we believe that it is never too late to start over. No matter how much time or energy you spent getting to where you are, if ultimately you are unfulfilled, then it is time to get out. Join me each week for both inspiration and actionable tips so that we can get you on the road to your dreams.

Hello, my friends. Welcome to another episode. I'm so excited you are here and I'm actually so excited to do this podcast episode. It, the idea came to me really last minute. And so I was like oh, I gotta get this recorded while I'm still going through this. So if you've been listening to the podcast or you've been kind of paying attention to my emails, you likely know that I am in the process of launching a new product, a new membership called The Quitter Club. And it's actually launching, right when you listen to this, I will be in the middle of the launch but when I'm recording this, I haven't launched yet. So I'm gearing up to get ready to put that out into the world. And I got the idea of doing this episode because I realized that I coach a lot of people on this idea of leaning into uncertainty and doubt, really accepting the fact that there's always uncertainty and always a ton of doubt and always a ton of fears and your brain is always sort of gonna go crazy when you're doing something new. And I say that, and I think it's one thing to intellectually understand it, and then another to actually implement or to push through, even when you're having those thoughts and feelings. And I think that people have this idea that it's really hard for them because it's something they've never done before. And I try to explain that like this is just the whole process always. And I don't know that I always do the best job. And so I figured I'm literally going through this process again and again and again and I'm going through it right now. And I was thinking about that about the fact that so many people, what you see on the outside, what you may see me doing with my business, it might look as though I have everything figured out and I feel fully confident and I have a lot of certainty and I have it together but, and behind the scenes, it's completely full of uncertainty and doubt. And so I wanted to talk about this because I I I know that oftentimes I talk about things in a review and I think we typically all do for various reasons. One is because, you know, maybe if it fails, I don't have to talk about it. Or and but otherwise, it's like I have more information to give you, so not hitting at all on like the launch reviews or even for me, I do like year-end reviews. And I still plan on doing that and I love celebrating wins so hopefully I'll be celebrating a win with this membership but I really wanted to document the process because I think that the result, you know, hindsight is 20/20. You could sort of see what works, what doesn't, but it's a lot messier when you're in the process. It's a lot murkier. It's a lot more hazy. It's a lot more unclear. And since I'm going through that right now, I figured that we should talk about this. Okay. So here's the thing, we all know I think intellectually, we understand that the only thing that is certain in life is change, is uncertainty, is the fact that we have no idea how things are gonna turn out. And yet, because humans in general are so uncomfortable with uncertainty and we've sort of been drilled into us that trying to find something quote unquote safe means like knowing exactly what's gonna happen. So many of us are constantly in search of a path or an answer that's going to make everything certain, right. That means we know exactly what's what's gonna happen from here. And I don't have to tell you that that is never the case. Like if you think about, think about like if we put career aside, like think about your personal life, right? It's like when you're single and you're thinking about dating and there's a lot of uncertainty around that or a lot of doubt with each date that you're going on or the people that you're meeting, it's like is this person gonna, is it really gonna work? Is it not gonna work or whatnot? Are we really gonna mesh, whatever? Then you start dating somebody and you get to the next kind of stage where you're maybe in a committed relationship and then there's all these questions of like is he the one? Is she the one? Is this gonna really be long term? Should we get married? Should we not? Right. And there's a lot of like uncertainty and doubt about that. And then you get married and then you immediately go your brain goes to the next set of uncertainties, right? Like are we gonna have kids? Are we gonna be able to get pregnant? Do we want kids? Like what's our life gonna be like when that happens? How are things gonna change? Are we still gonna love each other when that happens? Right. And all these other things that that change brings about. When you have kids, when you get pregnant, you your mind then immediately goes to all the doubt and uncertainty of like is it gonna be a healthy child? Are there gonna be issues? How what kind of parent am I going to be? Is this gonna drive a wedge between me and my spouse? How are we gonna handle, you know, all of the things that come up? Are we financially ready? Right. Then there's like a whole new set of doubts and fears. And then when you have kids, like it doesn't end. Like you know, you you see this in various aspects of your life. Like with kids actually like getting to that, you know, it's fascinating if you have children or even if you don't. I mean, it's sort of understandable that every stage just brings on its own set of doubt and uncertainty, right? Like how to deal with babies and toddlers has a lot of difficulty and uncertainty about if you're doing it right. And it's a very different set of circumstances than when your kids are teenagers. But that also just comes with its own set of doubt and uncertainty. So it's not as though like oh, I make it through the toddler years, the terrible twos or I get them into school. And then I'm just gonna sit back and, you know, kick up my legs and everything is gonna be great. Like it doesn't work that way. And I think that we think even when you get to the career stage, and I think this is more because we've been sort of conditioned to believe that this is this path that's laid out. Like you go to school, you take this test, you go to graduate school, you get a job in this field, you climb this ladder. And it it sort of seems, I think there's this façade that there's some certainty there. But the reality is is that at every stage you are still filled with uncertainty and doubt, like is it the right step for you? Are you gonna do well in this? Do you belong here? Does it light you up? What if you try this other thing? Is that gonna be better or worse? If I leave this, am I gonna regret it? All of those are always part of the equation always. Cause the reality is there is no right answer for any of this. For life, right? There is what society has told us is the quote unquote, maybe right answer. Let's say going back to the example of your personal life, right. Society, for whatever reason, our culture has decided that the quote unquote right answer is to grow up, get married to one person, stay married, have children, whatnot. But like as you see, as our society evolves, like we even start questioning that. There's now a lot more talk about like non-monogamy and, you know, polyamorous relationships. There's a lot of people that are choosing not to have children. Like there's all these questions because none of those were actually like the quote unquote right thing to do. And they're not the right thing for everybody. And at each stage there's a lot of doubt of is it right for me? We think that sometimes like because, I don't know, we think that because we know ourselves like we should know what the right answer is, but again, because life is 50/50, because each decision you make will have good and bad, because there's pros and cons, you're constantly going to be ruminating and thinking about, you know, are the pros of this better than the pros of that? Are the cons of this worse than the cons of that? Should I have chosen that? Should I have not? And I think the problem comes when we think that's a problem, right? Like when we accept of course, I have doubt. Of course, I'm not certain. How could I be certain? I have no idea how this is gonna turn out. Of course, I'm scared. Of course, there's fear. That's not a reason for me not to do it. That's not an indication that something is wrong. So many of us take that as like a red light as like a pump the brakes. If you are not certain about this, that means that it's wrong. And I want you to think about the fact that there has likely been times in your life that you have been certain and then it still turned out not to be the right thing, right? Like this whole podcast came about. I mean, I could have bet my life on the fact that I was supposed to be a lawyer. I was so convinced that was the right thing for me to do. Turns out, spoiler alert, I was wrong about that. Right? So many of you that have come here for careers that you likely felt the same way and you likely invested a lot of time and money and energy going down that career path because you so fully believed that it was the right thing. And I think that is the source of a lot of negative emotion and frustration and anger and sadness and regret because you start distrusting yourself or you, you know, make that mean that you don't really know what you want or you don't know who you are. But the reality is is that you just forgot that with everything there is the chance that it doesn't turn out the way you want. There's the uncertainty that your plan is maybe you're missing some parts, right? Going back to the example of personal life, it's the same thing, right? So many people, most people I would say, I mean, some people likely have doubts, but most people, when they get married believe that they're going to be married to that person forever. And yet the divorce rate's what? Around 50%? So half those people are wrong. And again, nothing is wrong with that. Like I think going into it, if you understand like of course, I have no idea how we're gonna grow in the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years. I have no idea what's gonna happen when we have children. I have no idea. How could I know? And maybe the measurement isn't longevity, maybe the measurement isn't how long I stick to something. Maybe the measurement of success isn't that because we've stayed married or because I stayed in this career, that's what makes it successful. Maybe we start questioning that chapters end and that's okay. And it's time to try something new. And I wanted to talk to you about that because I am specifically going through that right now with my membership. And so I really wanted to like document this and to tell you what I'm going through before it launches because I truly have no idea how it's going to go. And I'll be back hopefully after the launch in a couple of months to tell you how it goes. But I wanna tell you like how this has sort of taken shape for me. So from the beginning when I started this podcast, I had wanted to create some kind of like a community. And one of the best parts of a membership is that it has more of a community aspect to it. And so I'd always considered doing more of a membership, a lower price membership, to have a larger amount of people and create a bigger community. Now, for various reasons, which I am actually very happy about my decision and I think the reasons are right. Like most online business coaches programs will steer you away from doing memberships in the beginning. And the reason for that is, I mean, if you just look at it as like a math equation, if you're gonna have a lower price point product that you're selling or service, you need a lot more people, which means you need a bigger audience. You need to constantly be getting more people in. And that's just a harder thing to do from a marketing and sales perspective. And so when you have a smaller audience, it typically makes more sense to try to figure out a way to get less people and make the same amount of money or whatever, you know, whatever your revenue goals are. And so I'm glad that I went with a small group program. For one, for that reason. But two, I think in the beginning, even going more one on one is a better option because it allows you to help people in a very intimate way which lets you get very clear on what their problems are, where they're getting stuck, what keeps coming up and that helps you figure out your own process, your own teachings. It helps you get better explaining certain concepts. It helps you figure out how you can help them get past those obstacles. And that's just much easier to do when you're working more intimately with people than it is when maybe you're talking to someone for just a little bit and then you they go off and you don't really know what they ended up doing or what ended up happening. Right? And so I am very grateful for having this small group program that I've had for the last two years because it really allowed me to work so closely with a small group of people and watch them go through the six months of the program and see where they get stuck and see and develop a process and develop the the course materials. And so it was a fantastic experience but I have to say that the entire time my thought was I'm going to do this in order to be able to create a process that I can then share and help more people with. I want to have a bigger impact. I want more people to have access to it. I want to create a bigger community. So one of the things that this process allowed me to do is, and I'm so grateful for it, is that it did teach me how to have patience with something that I want. Right. I think that a lot of times we think like if I have this idea or I wanna do this business, I have to jump into it right now. And part of what I teach a lot, if you listen to the podcast, is really understanding the difference between short-term and long-term goals and really truly getting how much time you actually have. Like I know for me, I'm gonna be working for probably another 30 years, right? So there is time and I have to slow myself down cuz oftentimes in our brain it's like oh, but maybe I should be doing this thing, but maybe I should jump and do that, but maybe I should go do this other thing. And what really helps me in the short term was be like hey, we have time to get to all this. For now, we're gonna build the foundation by doing a small group program, by helping people more intimately. And that's what I did. And I'm I'm so grateful to my past self for doing that. I think that it set me up to be able to do this membership. But I do wanna say that throughout this time there was constantly the doubt and the questioning in my brain of like every time I was doing a launch, it was like should I just do a membership? Should I just switch now? Right. And the reality is is there was no answer. There's no right answer to any of it. And I felt a lot of like confusion and I sometimes indulged in that confusion. And I let myself kind of sit and stew in this for a little while because I almost wanted someone else to come make the decision for me. Right. Which is what we all do. And I have my own coaches and I w- sort of wanted people to tell me like now is the right time for you to change this. Right. And I would typically get the other advice like no, you should stick with what's working which I understand as well from like a business perspective. But I was in this push and pull of like again, there's no right answer here. So which one do I do? I can keep launching this small group program and it's working. Right? So again, like from a logical perspective, like it makes more sense for me to keep just doing the small group. I could scale it. I could try to grow the group from more than 20 and get like 30 people or 40 people in each group. I could launch more groups. I already had created everything. I had created the system and the processes. And I sort of had to just rinse and repeat. So it was a lot less work on my part. It sort of was like the place you wanna get to. It was like I had done all the work up front. I'd created all of the processes. I'd tested it out. I'd launched so many times. And now I was at this place where I could really automate and I could scale. And yet there was this inkling, there's this part inside of me that was constantly thinking about this membership that I wanted to try this membership. And the reason I say this is when I finally made the decision that the last launch would be my last launch uh of the group program for a while and that I was gonna switch over and try this membership, I was relieved to finally make the decision but I was instantly filled with an immense amount of fear and doubt, right? Because all of a sudden, all of my thoughts were maybe this isn't the right decision. Don't make the decision too hastily like maybe you should stick with what's working. Maybe all these people are right. Maybe you're not thinking this through enough. You don't know all the problems that could happen with a membership. You know, on and on and on. And it was fascinating. And this is why I wanted to really do this podcast because there was never a time that I was like you know what? I'm a hundred percent certain. This is what I need to do right now. And I feel super at peace and grounded. And I'm not gonna think about the other one anymore. Like it just doesn't work that way because as I'm moved forward with even saying it out loud like on the last launch saying I'm not gonna launch anymore. I remember in that launch, I kept saying maybe I should just take that out of my marketing. Maybe I shouldn't say it so I give myself like an out. Maybe if I decide over the next three months that I wanna launch my group program one more time then I, you know, I haven't told people that it's the last time and I purposely did it so that I can't back out. And I think sometimes when I when I'm coaching people and I force them to pick a quitting date is for these reasons because your brain is constantly, as you get closer to that date, it's gonna tell you like no, no, no pump the breaks. This is the wrong move. Like it would just be so much easier to stay. Financially you need this. Like don't do something stupid or whatnot. And you have to know all of the reasons why you decided to quit or why you decided to leave or take a year off or whatever your your goal was. And then know that your brain's gonna go crazy and know that it's not gonna feel super confident and calm cuz you're doing something new. And so I remember when I made this decision, I felt a bit of relief because I was like okay, we've now made the decision and my brain is gonna go crazy for the next however many months before this gets launched. And I refuse to back away from this now. Like I am certain because I made the decision not because I know how it's gonna turn out. I basically make the decision and then decide that it's the right decision. It's not that I know it's the right decision and then I choose it. I just decide this is the right thing for me right now. And the way I decide that is I know my reasons for doing it. And I like my reasons. I liked my reasons for trying out a membership and trying out a whole new program more than I liked my reasons for sticking with the old way that was working. And when I looked at those, I realized that my growth, the way that I can serve people, my audience's growth, my impact, everything was served more by me trying this new way. And so I decided to make that decision. And I was aware of the fact that my brain was gonna constantly try to take me back and like change my mind. Right. And this is what happens for so many people that stay stuck in decisions. Like they just go back and forth, back and forth cuz they think, because I have this doubt, like I should listen to it. Maybe this doubt is right. And I will say one of the most fundamental things in understanding this and being able to do this is that I know that I can fail with this. Okay. So hear me out. I think a lot of us think that when we wanna make a decision, the quote unquote right one is the one where I will get the outcome that I want, where it will be exactly the way, you know, I envision it. And if I know that that's gonna happen and I'm guaranteed that I'm gonna get that result, then I can feel super great about it and go forth. And obviously that is impossible. Like we just said, you know, like the example of marriage, you think it's gonna be great. And sometimes, not so great after a while and you decide it's time to change, right? The career that you've picked up until now, you thought it was gonna be a lifetime. It didn't turn out that way. That's fine. Right. For me, when I was making this decision, I had to make it knowing I can try this membership and it can fail. Am I still willing to do it? And I still was. The reasons for trying it and even failing was more compelling to me than staying stuck and staying doing the same thing I was doing when I felt like there was something more I needed to try. Now, I didn't have the same type of mindset at the time cuz I was terrified of failing. But this was the closest that I felt like this was when I made the same decision to start this podcast. Because if you're a longtime listener, you know that I had a photo booth business at the time and I had just really got that off the ground. And I had been selling and marketing and it was going really well. And the the quote unquote right decision would have been to scale that or to grow it, you know, to put my all of my eggs in that basket. And there was something within me that kept wanting to do the podcast and there reasons for me wanting to do podcasts were so strong. And I had no idea. I mean, I was terrified at that point and I was, you know, I didn't have as much of this mindset work but there was something that for two years with that kept nagging at me. And when I finally made the decision, it was based on this might fail horribly and I still wanna do it. I can't get it outta my head. And so I'm okay with that failure cuz at least I tried, cuz at least I gave it a shot to see what it is, cuz at least I learned for myself, cuz at least I can learn from those mistakes. And I made that decision and there's been a ton of failure and a ton of learning but it was the best decision for me now looking back and I feel the same way with the membership. I feel as though like it very well could fail but I'm willing to figure out how to make it work. I'm willing to give myself a year to figure out how to convey the message of the value, how to get people to get on board with it, how to get people to understand how much it can change their lives, how I can figure out how to make it more valuable and get people the results they want, how I can create a community that's engaging and a place that people want to be. I know that I'm not gonna put something out in the world and then all of a sudden it's gonna rocket ship and be a success. Maybe it will hopefully but likely it won't and I'm still willing to do it. But I want you to know that like with that comes all of the uncertainty and doubt, even though I'm willing, my brain still is constantly telling me like you're messing. I can't believe you did this. This was the wrong move. Everybody's gonna see how you failed. Everybody's gonna see that this was, you know, not the way to go about it. You should have listened to other people's business advice. They understand more than you. There's a reason everybody's telling you this. Right? And so I just want you to see, and I wanted you to see this before I actually launched, because I don't know how it's gonna turn out. And it's funny when you do a first launch like when I started doing the launch of the group programs after the first, second, you you kind of get an understanding of what's gonna happen in the launch. And so you can kind of prepare yourself of like how many people typically sign up in the first day, how many people wait until the last day, how many people typically sign up total. You know, there's more like, I don't know, you have your bearings I guess. With this, I have no idea. I'm just like we're gonna see what happens cause I've never launched something like this. And so I have no idea what's gonna happen on Friday when the door's open. I have no idea what's gonna happen throughout the week. And I'm willing to just like test it out, see what happens, learn from it, fail from it. And I think one of my biggest strengths has become through this podcast and doing mindset work is the fact that I'm not afraid to fail in front of people. I'm not afraid for other people to see my failure. And that comes from so much work on my own self-acceptance and self-compassion and like self-trust. In that it doesn't mean anything about me, right? It means I tried something. I would rather be in the arena trying over and over again than waiting on the sideline constantly hoping and wishing that my life was different or hoping and wishing that I could try something. And like I've actively decided to take that approach to my life. And that means doing a lot of uncomfortable things. And that means doing things that are gonna force me to grow, even when I don't wanna grow. When I just wanna coast for a little bit, when I would love to just like sit back and not make more content and not have to rebuild a whole membership site and not have to do a whole new launch and not have to do all of this work. But I know that my growth is on the other side of that. I know that the person I want to be is on the other side of that. I know that the way that I wanna help people is on the other side of that. And so I'm willing to do it but I'm doing it full of fear, full of doubt, full of uncertainty. Having, it's funny like you you see um, you know, online and stuff they teach you all about like visualizing and manifesting and all of that and all of that's great. I actually think it's very powerful and I've tried do. So it's like in the mornings, I'll visualize like a huge successful launch and it'll be fantastic. And I'll just think about how many people are gonna be coming in and how excited people are gonna be. It's gonna be amazing. And then at night when I'm going to bed, it's like the doomsday part of my brain comes in and it's like what if nobody shows up? What if nobody buys? What if you're just like it's just you and like two people, you know? And I'm I and it immediately goes to like the fear-based part but like I'm okay with that too. I'm just like yeah, I guess then we'll have to deal with that. How would I feel if that happened? Could I handle that feeling? What would I think about it? What would I wanna think about it? Right. And I get myself sort of prepared to see like I have no idea if this is the right move. And so you guys might see me in six months be like hey, I'm, probably not in six months I'm doing this membership for a year, but you might see me come back and say like you know what, maybe this didn't work for these reasons. Now, I don't think that that will, here's why I'm gonna tell you I don't think that will happen because I'm committed to making it work. And I'm an extremely stubborn person. But beyond that, I know that this membership will work. I just know that I need to figure out how to make it work. So I have to be very involved in figuring out where are people getting stuck? Where are people not feeling like they're getting the support? Where are people not engaging? How do I get more people engaged? And all of those are just questions that I can put my brain to work to solve for. If I'm not panicked all the time about like what does this look like? Is everybody judging me? What if everybody thinks I'm a failure? What if I shouldn't have chosen this? Like I don't waste my time answering those questions. It comes up, my brain loves to offer them to me. And I just bring myself back to like but I'm gonna figure it out. How am I gonna figure this out? It may not be this launch, may not be the next launch but I will. I'm gonna tell you that, cuz I've been doing that. Right. And it I do realize that like the more you do this, the easier it becomes to have that doubt and uncertainty and push through and still do it. Like the decision to do the podcast was the one of the hard, well, actually I guess I had done more than that. Like quitting law was the hardest decision I've made and then starting the podcast that was actually, I think equally as difficult because I was gonna become so visible and I hadn't really been visible before then. So that was equally scary. But like since then, everything else that I've tried like even when I started the podcast and then I wanted to try coaching like I had a ton of doubt, a ton of imposter syndrome, ton of uncertainty but it wasn't as hard. I was like alright, this is my brain is gonna pump these brakes every time I try something so I might as well try this. When I started the group program, same thing. And now when I'm starting the membership, I think I've just become so used to it being there. But I wanted you to know that it's still there. I wanted you to know that like I can come back in three months and be like I launched this membership and it has been fantastic and it has grown and it has all these members and it's fabulous. And that's, hopefully I will do an episode like that, really crossing my fingers for that one. But I wanted you to see what it's like in the messy middle. I wanted you to know that the process never looks like those kind of wrap up episodes or Instagram posts that you see with people. The process is full of uncertainty and doubt. And the kicker is that you're always in the process, right? Like even when I launch this membership, I will just go to the next thing that has me full of uncertainty and doubt. I will constantly be questioning like do I add this thing? Do I not? Do we take this away? Is this a right move or wrong? Do I launch in this way? Do I have, you know, I mean, just like next issue. And I notice is like I talk about it in the beginning of the episode, we ta- I talked about like being single to dating to married, like kind of in the personal realm. But I coach my clients on this in every stage, which just as a plug for the membership, this is why I think a membership is so important or I think continued support because when I did the six month program, people would get these huge transformations but they would still want support because they'd get to the next stage and they would be filled with doubt and uncertainty. So when you start, let's say a lot of people come to me and they think that their only problem is I wanna figure out what I wanna do. Like I hate my job and I wanna figure out what I do. And then we work on that and they feel a lot more grounded and a lot more certain and a lot more called or they they they know their north star. So they start making progress towards that. And then immediately, it's a new set of uncertainty and doubt. It's the question of like okay, now I know what I wanna do but can I really do it? What if I'm not cut out for this? What is everybody gonna say? Right. And then they do. They like launch the business. They try to get the job. They get the dream job. And then it's a completely new set of doubts and uncertainty, right? Like I don't wanna put myself out there. Everybody's watching me. I'm not growing this fast enough. It's not working. Right. Whatever the thing is, it just doesn't change. And I think like again, I wanted you all to know it cuz as I'm going through this is I think that on the outside it oftentimes looks as though like oh, these people that are building their business, they know exactly what they're doing. They are going in some kind of sequential order or like some kind of roadmap or they have something laid out. And I promise you like now, not only with mine but I I now, you know, mastermind with and coach with. And I'm in groups with a lot of entrepreneurs and even the ones that are at multiple six figures, seven figures sometimes even up to eight figures, a lot of it looks like throwing spaghetti at a wall. It's like I'm gonna try this, see if this works. I'm gonna add this new service. Let's see if people like this. I'm gonna do, I have no idea no idea if this works or not. And I always do. I do think, I'm not saying everybody should go into entrepreneurship but I do think entrepreneurship will make you grow the fastest because you were just forced to deal with your own crap like so quickly in so many different areas. And one of the biggest ways is this: is that there is no roadmap. There is no plan. Everyone's just figuring it out as they go. What worked for somebody else won't work for you. And so you just have to figure it out. And so you have to get really, really good at being okay with uncertainty and being okay with doubt and being okay with fear and being okay with not knowing and being okay with failing. And when you do that, I mean the ripple effect is in every area of your life cuz it allows you to show up and live the way you want and try things and experiment and become the person you wanna be. And like not be so beholden to this idea of having to be perfect and to constantly do things perfectly and like that is a gift in and of itself. But that un- the uncomfortable feelings, the negative emotion, the fear and doubt like that doesn't ever go away. And I used to think this I used to think okay, when I learn, when I make six figures, then I'll know what I'm doing. And then I got to six figures. Then I got to multiple six figures and now I'm growing it. And I'm like oh, I still have no idea. Just figuring it out as I go, just looking at what's working and what's not, thinking how I can tweak things, just seeing like what new thing I can try and seeing if it fails and then trying something else. And so I want you to know that if you are stuck in uncertainty and doubt, me too. Welcome to the club. It's part of this life and the sooner you get comfortable with it, the sooner you are okay with it being there, the sooner you stop giving into that and pressing the brakes every time you hear that uncertainty in your brain, the sooner you will start living, the sooner you will try new things, the sooner you will let yourself experiment and fail and experiment again, the sooner you will accelerate all of your progress because you will actually take action. So learn to lean into that uncertainty, learn to lean into that doubt, learn to know like yes, of course, it's there. Of course, I'm scared. Of course, I'm I don't want this to fail. Of course, I have no idea how this is gonna work and I'm gonna do it anyway. And we are in the middle of the launch but if you still wanna get on the wait list so that you can get the link to where to sign up and get all the information, you can still do that just this week. Doors close on Friday, September 23rd. So if you're listening to this after that, they're closed. But you can likely get on the wait list at the same link, go to lessonsfromaquitter.com/quitterclub. And I hope to see you all in the membership. Alright, my friends, I will talk to you next week.

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