2021 Year in Review
Ep. 180
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As we’re coming close to the end of 2021, I spend this episode doing a recap of my year. While we tend to wait and start the new year with goals and resolutions, I’m excited to share the goals I’ve set for myself (that I started on a random day in December). As always, I want you to see that you can set big goals and not meet them but still accomplish something along the way. I hope my year is an example of how you can make small changes and still see growth. Happy New Year!

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I should be repurposing. I should be on other platforms. I should be growing. Why am I not growing? Like all these other thoughts constantly. Cause you're not just sitting in this like bliss of like oh my God, look at I'm making money, this is so wonderful. And a lot of times I really have to take a step back and remind myself.

Hey, welcome to Lessons From a Quitter where we believe that it is never too late to start over. No matter how much time or energy you spent getting to where you are, if ultimately you are unfulfilled, then it is time to get out. Join me each week for both inspiration and actionable tips so that we can get you on the road to your dreams.

Hello, my friends. Welcome to another episode. I am so excited you are here. Before we jump in, as always if you want some more goodness and you want some more help, I do a free coaching call every month. You just come on and you join and you either get coached or you listen to other people be coached, which is just as powerful and helpful as it is being coached yourself because we all have the same brains with the same problems. And so if you want to join in and get some more individualized help then what is available on the podcast, I would love to have you. You can go to quitterclub.com/coaching and join there. Okay. This episode, it's funny cuz the way that this started is I wanted to just give you guys an update about what I'm doing with these like, I'm doing a three-month project starting now. Well it started like a week ago and I wanted to talk about it because I think it's interesting for a number of reasons. And then I started like outlining how I was gonna talk about this and I had to give some backstory and then I realized it's December and I usually do a recap of the year. And so it just sort of grew and grew. And I guess we're doing a recap. I don't exactly know what I'm gonna do but we're just gonna run with it. At the end of the year last year I did like a year in review. I really wanna be transparent about how I build this business and what it looks like in the back end and kind of the smoke and mirrors versus like the reality. I know that's super helpful to me when I've heard other people kind of pull back the curtains and talk about the reality cuz oftentimes, you know, I mean pretty much all the time, what you see on social media or even what you see on this podcast, doesn't really depict the day to day or what's actually happening. And I think a lot of times, obviously with marketing and just with social media, it can seem like things are going off without a hitch and super wonderful. And it doesn't really give you insight into what it's actually like. So I found it super helpful to hear how other people, just different parts of their business, how it actually works, what they're making. And I'm constantly trying to make an effort to be as transparent as possible about this whole journey and how it's working for me. And so I figured why not keep it going? Let's talk a little bit more about what happened this year in my business. So you guys can yeah, have a better understanding. And I also think another reason: what was really helpful to me is hearing other people talk about their goals because oftentimes I think we're taught to be realistic and don't be ungrateful and like don't want for things, especially money. God forbid you want money because that makes you evil. And trust me, I had those beliefs and I hear it in a lot of people who will say things like I wanna find another job, I don't even care about the money. And I'm like why? Why would you not care about money? It's so difficult to live in this world without money. Like it's an important part of our lives. So like why are we made to feel so shameful about it? And I know for me, when I started hearing other people talk about really big goals and really big money goals and it was women that were talking about it and mothers and people who wanted to balance it with a regular lifestyle and not hustle, hustle, hustle. It was so profound for me. And it really gave me permission to dream about things that I never had given myself permission to dream about. And so hopefully I can do that for you too. Cause I want you to see that it's absolutely okay to quit your job and wanna make more money and want to have an impact and want to have flexibility. You know like and want to quote unquote have it all or whatever that means for you. So let's talk about it.

Okay. So just as a recap if you're new here, last year I talked about how in 2020 my impossible goal was a hundred thousand dollars. And if you're really new here, I guess I should explain what an impossible goal is. An impossible goal is just a goal that you believe is impossible already, right? And the point of picking the goal is not to reach the goal, it's to figure out like who do I have to become to do that thing? Like how can I dream bigger than I ever could dream before? How can I pick something that I already know is crazy and work towards that? And really like hold that belief of something that is bigger than my brain really wants me to allow is acceptable for me or available for me. And so in 2019 I'd made $10,000 in my business. So in 2020 to think like I can make six figures seemed impossible. I was like I have no idea how I would do this. I was just kind of starting out. I didn't know what the coaching program would look like. I felt very confused and lost. And when I did the recap last year, I actually ended the year at $93,000, which was insane and mind-blowing to me and so cool. And it was interesting cause I didn't actually hit the goal but it didn't matter. Right? Because like the money itself, the $7,000, like who cares about that? It was more of like I got so much further than what I had thought I was able to do especially cuz I hadn't any money in the first half of 2020. So I made, you know, the vast majority of that $93,000 in the second half, which was crazy. So going into this year, my impossible goal was $500,000, which I'm nowhere close to that, which I don't really care because it's gonna keep being the goal until I get there. Cause part of this is me learning how am I going to make $500,000 in my business, right? How is this gonna pan out? And I talked about this in the episode I just did about the 10 lessons I learned from my photo booth business. For me, part of these impossible goals is not to just hit that revenue goal like that doesn't become a singular focus of I need to make that much money because a lot of this is how do I do that by following my own north star? How do I do it in a way that feels good to me? How do I do it with a business that I actually love and not like burn myself into the ground and hustle until I want to like quit this too because that can happen. To be completely honest, I think it's very possible for me to make $500,000 in a year and I probably could have done it last year if I wanted to constantly be selling, constantly be working and hustle my way to that number. I just didn't wanna do that. So I did it in a very relaxed way and my word for last year was focus and I really did do that. Um really drill down to what it is that I want to be promoting. How do I want my program to be structured? What is it that I'm actually offering people? How do I actually help people? So it was a lot of like more deeper work on that stuff instead of just the selling, selling, selling. But I will end the year close to $200,000. I won't hit $200,000 but I think I'll be above 180. So between 180 and 200 somewhere in there, which is incredible to me, right? Like what business just doubles every year. Right? So far, I mean it's it more than doubled in 2020 and then it doubled in 2021 and I will take that growth because that growth also came with a very doable year. I didn't work more than 40 hours. I often worked very less. I took four weeks off which was one of my main goals which we talked about um before. Did it in a way that I wanted to and I got to serve so many people and meet so many incredible people and do work that lights me up and feels really good to me and feels like I'm actually helping people in a very substantial way. And so to be able to make a living that is more than I was making as a lawyer is mind-blowing to me. I wanted to say that upfront. I know a lot of people will wait and give financials like at the end of the episode, it's like nobody wants to wait for that. So I feel really super proud and excited about this year. And here's the thing, like the good feels great. It feels wonderful to be able to make a good amount of money, to make more than I made as a lawyer, to not work full-time and have flexibility, to take the four weeks off, to have more impact. All of those things are what I've dreamed about. And they're amazing but here's the other part of the truth, the 50/50. It also felt terrible this year. Here's what people I think don't tell you is like expanding does not feel good. Having more impact doesn't feel good all the time because having more eyes on you feels bad. It feels vulnerable. It feels scary. It's the first time I got more negative comments and troll comments that caused a lot of emotion in me. Right? You feel like you're letting more people down. You get more comments about why you structure your business a certain way and why it costs so much and why you do whatever it is that you're gonna do. And all of that feels terrible. And even within that, like even in the growing, it's funny when I look back and even when I do these, it sounds so rosy and wonderful. But I feel like throughout the year I was constantly like why don't I know what I'm doing? Why am I constantly struggling? Right. Cause that says like in the day to day of my brain it's like we're not doing enough. Look at all these other people that are doing so much better. Look at all these other people that figured it out. You still haven't figured any of this out. And I know that's not like maybe true. Right. But our brain doesn’t actually care about the truth. Most of our thoughts aren't true. And so it feels true to me, right. It constantly feels like ugh, I don't have this down. I don't have, I don't know how to do marketing well. I I'm not batching content. I should be repurposing. I should be on other platforms. I should be growing. Why am I not growing? Like all these other thoughts constantly. Cause you're not just sitting in this like bliss of like oh my God, look at I'm making money, this is so wonderful. And a lot of times I really have to take a step back and remind myself because I know when I look at it again on paper, when I look back and I've had to do this because there was there there's so many times where I'm like I can't do this anymore. I have to shut this down. Like I go so insane that I'm like this is too hard whatever. And I have to take a moment and be like lawyer Goli would have killed for this. Literally killed somebody to have this life, to make this money, to have this impact, to work these hours, to like what she's doing. And yet when you're in it, that's not what your brain thinks. Right? None of us do this. And if I didn't have thought work, this is why I actually see in the online business space and in the coaching space and even in entrepreneurship, I see so many entrepreneurs burn themselves out or get to the place where they like pack it all in, right. And give up. And it's not because the business wasn't working, it's because they don't know how to manage their mind. And I realize the important of this now in like being able to do this while I build this. Because as I've talked about, like the circumstances don't ever make you feel a different way. And with each year, it that gets proven to me more and more. And I hear this all the time. I listen to other, you know, people in this industry and this like they'll talk about like even when you make a million dollars like it's nothing changes in your brain. You feel the exact same way. And it seems absurd cuz it almost seems like you're being ungrateful. But it's just this matter that like when so many of us are trying to achieve things in order to outrun our own shame, right? We feel like the more successful we can become, then maybe we can finally feel better about ourselves. Maybe we can finally feel like we're not an imposter. Maybe we can finally feel like we're good enough. And the reality is is if when you don't change those thoughts about yourself, it doesn't matter. The bank account doesn't matter. The amount of money you make, your paycheck. None of it matters. Cuz you're constantly gonna tell yourself that like you're a fraud and people are gonna figure it out, that you don't know you're doing. And I have the same thoughts. Right? I've worked a lot on them and I can spot them. But it still gets to the place where I'm like uh still 50/50, huh? I really thought once I was making six figures or multiple six figures, I’d get to a place where I would feel super happy. Weird, weird that it doesn't happen. And even though I teach this stuff, it still surprises me. Right. I still get there and I'm like what is happening? Now, I can take it in stride a little better. I think I have a lot less judgment. I'm like of course it doesn't cause I have a human brain and I'll constantly find what I'm doing wrong and why I'm not good enough and why I'm not worthy or whatever the programming was in my life. And I still have work to do there. And so I just say this, that like it has been an incredible 12 months. It's also been an incredibly difficult 12 months for me. I think growing was hard in ways that I didn't expect and easier in ways that I didn't expect. And so it's always just very surprising like huh, alright. Well, certain things were, you know, I thought would be a lot tougher and they weren't and other things that I never even really considered knocked me on my behind. I just want that to be an example too. I want you to be able to make whatever money you want. I want you to have whatever life you want. I want you to be able to reach for as big of a dream as you have. I just want you to also know that like even when you get there, it'll still be 50/50. And sometimes I think like becomes depressing. It's like why even do this? And I think it's like for me, and I'll talk about this more part of this really like how much can I grow? How much can I push myself? How big of a life can I have? How many things can I experience? Not because I need those things to be happy. And with each thing that I accomplish, I start really realizing like I can just be happy exactly where I'm at. Right. I can have the 50/50, I can let myself feel my emotions. I don't need to grow this anymore if I don't want to. But I want to because I also wanna see what I'm capable of. I wanna see if I can get better at marketing. I wanna see if I can impact more lives. I wanna see how I can explain these concepts in a simpler, easier way so more people can understand them so they can stop suffering. I just want to. Not because I need to to prove that I'm good or to prove that I'm like worthy of something. And so have the dreams but know that part of the dream is just to really become the best version of yourself or to get to a place where you become more comfortable in your own skin. Not because you're gonna get to some land where it's like eternal sunshine and rainbows and butterflies and everything feels great. Cuz apparently that doesn't exist. I'm here to report back. So anyways, that's just like the overarching kind of what's happened in the business this last year. I have hired an assistant who, shout out to Hannah, is fantastic and I've loved having that help. Again, lots of growing pains because I'm a terrible leader cuz I don't know how to lead. So I'm the bottleneck. I don't know how to delegate. And I'm learning that. And with that comes a lot of growing pains and a lot of thoughts about how I'm doing things wrong or I'm not, you know, doing it the way that I should be. And it's like even that is just the next level. Alright, I guess like now we're working on how do you build a team and how do you get out of your own way and how do you learn to give up control and not be a perfectionist and be more organized and all those things don't feel that great to work on but we do it anyway. Okay. The other things that have happened, the nitty gritty of this last year. What's happened? I joined a business Mastermind, where I paid $25,000. I know that sounds insane to a lot of you and it would've sounded insane to me before I started heavily investing in myself and now I realize I will gladly pay someone $25,000 if they can teach me to get to a place where I can make $200,000 in a year and I can make that every year, right? Like it's a no-brainer, why wouldn't I invest in myself? I look at investments differently now. I've just realized that I can do this alone and if I do it alone, not only is it gonna take longer and it's gonna be with a lot more frustration. I likely will give up because I will have so many stories about how I'm not good at this. And so investing in somebody helping me is just the thing that’s gonna keep me on track. It's going to bring me back from those like rabbit holes of self-loathing or whatever we like to go into. I also joined Master Coach training, which the school that I got certified in for my life coach certification that focuses on this type of mindset work that I'm obsessed with, has a program. It's like a selective program that you apply to. And every year they take a small group of people that can basically deepen their training and become certified to be Master Coaches. So it's just learning this type of thought work in a deeper, richer way. And I decided to join for two reasons. And I'm very clear about why I invest in things. I don't think I need any more training to be a good coach. I think a lot of times we seek certificates or school degrees, whatever, in order to give us permission to do the thing we wanna do. I think that we do that to feel like okay, I have imposter syndrome. And so if I go get the certificate, then I'll feel better about putting myself out there. And oftentimes that doesn't work because again, that piece of paper is not gonna change your thoughts. And I have become very clear on that. I started coaching before getting certified but I realized I also am deeply committed to this work and I want to be the best coach that I possibly can be. And I wanna develop myself. I know that I've done this thought work to a certain level and I know I could go deeper and I've seen the ripple effects on working on my own mindset in my life and how it has transformed my life for the better. And so I am all about it. Now, if there are ways where I can take this work deeper, then I will do it. I will pay for it. I will put myself in it because I know that I would rather use my money to invest in developing my own brain, which is just the best asset that I have in order to have, you know, as rich of a life as I possibly can, than to spend my money on anything else. And I do that from a place of like just wanting to truly develop myself and be the best coach and have the deepest like understanding of my own mind that's possible. I don't do it because I need to or that I don't feel good enough and I'm constantly trying to get other people to validate me into think thinking that I'm a good coach. So I started that. Master coach training is a six month program that hopefully will end up in me being certified. I don't know because I have to finish a project and get all these requirements out of the way. We'll see next year. I've done a ton of stuff this year. I've done workshops, challenges, webinars, free coaching calls, right. I've guided, like I said, about 40 people through my program. I've taught hundreds of others. I have failed countless times. I have been rejected countless times. For every person that signed up for my program, 10 people, more than 10, rejected me. Right. And part of this work really is in learning to deal with the negative aspects. I get people, it's funny cuz I think they see me on social media and it's always interesting to me when they give me their perspective on my business. So it’ll be like oh my God, you're really like going places or like I don't know, you've become so successful. And I'm like what does that even mean? Like what are you even talking about? What part? Right. And I know that a lot of times it looks as though like I have it together and it's always just funny to me cuz I'm like yeah, if you saw behind the scenes… And there are a lot of great things that are happening but in every way that I show up and I might seem confident on social media, there's a million ways where I'm constantly doubting or I'm constantly seeing things not working or trying things and completely failing and falling on my face or like putting things out there and nobody responding. And I've realized that part of this and I've talked a lot about this is because I don't look at failure the same way. When I say that I have an impossible goal to make $500,000, it's an impossible goal to learn how to make $500,000. And I know that if I'm gonna learn how to do that, I can only fail my way towards that. It could only happen by me doing a bunch of things where I don't get the result I want until I get the result I want. And I don't make it mean anything about me. I don't make it mean that I'm a bad coach. I don't make it mean that I a bad business owner or I don't understand entrepreneurship or I can't figure it out. I just make it mean that like this is the step I'm at. Alright, I guess now we're learning how to grow this business. Cause there's tons of other people, I mean, tons of these like business masterminds where there's people who have like skyrocketing success like they make, you know, a hundred thousand dollars one year and then they make 2 million in the next year. It's like that's great. They learn certain things that I haven't learned yet. So what is it that I need to learn in order to grow this business? And I can sit there and beat myself up for not being good enough or I can just decide like this is the next lesson I need to learn. And I think that the biggest thing that I've learned through these years is, these last two years really, is how to take quote unquote failure, how to reframe it, how to look at it in a different way, how to not be so afraid of it, how to realize that like of course there's no answer, like just try a bunch of things, see what works, keep trying, pivot. And that's what I've been doing. Another thing I talked about last year that I think is just interesting is like so last year I had a huge year of growth in my audience. I'd gone from like 6,000 people on Instagram to 18,000. And I had gone from no followers, I'd not been on TikTok, to 125,000. And then this year I had basically no growth. My Instagram went from like 18 to 19,000, I think. And my TikTok went from 125 to like 165, which on TikTok is not a lot because I really stopped posting. And this is another interesting thing is like I think people do something and then they see it's working or it looks successful on the outside, so they wanna keep up those appearances. And I just am really more in tune with like what is the thing that I want to be doing? And for me this year, I wasn't really thinking about audience growth. I wanted to focus on the audience I have. And I want you to truly hear me when I say like audience number doesn't matter. I know people who have 4,000 followers on Instagram that are making seven figures. Like if you even look at, you know, my growth when I went from six to 18,000 or zero to 125, I made $93,000 that year. This year I haven't had that much growth and I've doubled the business. Like it doesn't matter. And I haven't been focused on that and I've been really more focused on like how do I wanna be on social media? And for a lot of this year, social media felt very overwhelming for me. Creating content, like constantly creating content ver- felt very overwhelming. Again, I know those are my thoughts about it, but I just decided that I wanted to kind of take a step back from creating so much, from putting it out so much, from dealing with all like the trolls, from doing all that stuff. And so I did. And I'm here to report back that my business did okay. Right? So it's like this idea that you constantly have to be grinding. You constantly have to be growing. You constantly have to be posting. It's just not true. And I feel like the more I check in with what it is that I want to do, it's just the more aligned my business feels, which allows me to keep doing it. Cause otherwise I would quit it. Like if I just constantly felt like there's things that I have to do and I don't wanna do 'em, after awhile you get burned out, even off something that you love. That's why you hear so many people who like turn their quote unquote passion into their business and then they feel burned out is because like there needs to be an understanding of like what really do you want to do and what works for you? Now, some things obviously I don't want to do in my business and I still do. It's just a constant like recalibration. Do I really have to do this? What happens if I don't? And now, I don't think that it was like a good thing that I stopped doing that. I think that I just needed that break. I think in 2020, I went really hard on social media and I think it was just too much for me. And so I've just taken a step back and I'm going to look in the next year into how I can take a step forward again and do more, but in a way that isn’t as draining for me. So for next year, I'm gonna keep my impossible goal at $500,000 and okay, I do like a mix between impossible goals and more realistic goals like revenue goals. So I do have some more realistic revenue goals but my goal is constantly to learn. How am I gonna make this a 500,000 and then a million dollar business? Just because I want to, not because I need the money. Not because it's like I dunno, for any other reason, I think wanting money is totally fine. I'm excited about the money goal, but I mostly want to prove to myself that I can grow the business, that I can have the impact, that I can reach as many people as I want, that I can become a more organized leader, that I can lead a team. All of those things are just things that I wanna develop in myself. So why I originally wanted to do this whole episode now that I've done that rundown, is in master coach training, I have to do a project of my own choosing for three months. Now the point of the project is to stretch you into a way that you don't believe is kind of possible. And to get you to do things that are gonna make a real difference in your life. And what I've decided to do for my project is I am going to work only four hours a day and maintain the same business and grow it. And I'm going to schedule every one of my days because I am a very, I have, I've talked about this before like I've believe I have ADHD and I've convinced myself like what my brain can and can't do. And I wanna prove myself wrong. I wanna show myself that that's not actually true and I'm creating a story and I can do the whatever it is that I want to do. I think that this project though is really interesting for me for a couple of reasons and this is why I wanted to talk about it.

One, I think a lot of times like we do a lot of all or nothing thinking when it comes to goals. And I just want you to know like you can decide to start any type of goal, any type of project at any point. You don't have to wait until January 1st. You don't have to wait for the new year. You don't have to wait, you know, to start your exercise next Monday, you can start on a Wednesday. You know, you don't have to stop drinking for a whole year. You can decide you're gonna stop drinking for a week. There are literally zero rules. And what I realized when we were doing this project, I was like I love that it's starting on like a random day in December. It's going to like a random day in February. Cause why not? Right? Like watch where your thinking puts you in this position. Cuz so many of us when you're in this all or nothing thinking oftentimes hitting the all is very difficult. And so we revert to the nothing. It's like well I can't stick to this so I'm just not gonna have any goal or I'm not gonna exercise at all or I'm not gonna try to curtail my drinking at all or whatever it is. Right. And for me, I'm not, you know, deciding that I'm only gonna work four hours a day. You know, it's not like I have to be like all of 2020, this is what I'm doing. I'm gonna try this for three months. I'm gonna try scheduling my whole days. I'm gonna try sticking to my schedule. I'm gonna give myself an allotted period of time and that's the only time I have to do those tasks. Cuz that feels extremely difficult for me. It's not usually the way I operate and I'm trying to change the way I operate. So that was like the first thing is that I love just like picking a random date. Pick a random, just start now. And I think a lot of times like well, the holidays are coming up and we wanna give ourselves all these excuses. And I mean, I'll work around the holidays, there’s certain days I'm just not gonna work at all. And then there's other days that I was gonna work anyways, so why am I waiting until January to start something? The other thing is like I love the idea of a shorter timeframe. I I talk a lot about this in my group. I do impossible goals. I do yearlong goals. I also do three-month goals, but like even a month goal. Right. Just to see. And I think a lot of times, like we think if we don't make it in that month that makes us a failure, but all of this is just to like get an understanding of why you do the things you do. Like for me, whether I actually stick to the schedule or not is not important in the sense of like I wanna prove that I'm good and I can, it's like I wanna see what comes up for my brain when I do this, when I force myself to stick to a schedule when I don't want to. When I have to do things that come up on my schedule and I really don't feel like doing it at that time. Right. Part of why I wanted entrepreneurship was flexibility. And so now my brain is like fighting me on but like we don't wanna schedule things. And it's like well, we sort of do for certain parts of this. So how do I interact with that? Right. And maybe I try it for a little bit and see what happens. The other thing is like I love just picking something. And we talked about like the impossible goal with money, but I even like you know, picking impossible goals just to see what society has told you is possible and deciding that you want something else. Like my goal of working four hours a day is such an exciting goal to me and I'm like why wouldn't I? And I have so many people in my programs where it's like just the belief isn't there that something is possible. Something that's ver, you know, not like going to Mars. It's like working, you know, 30 hours a week. Is that possible? It's like well, no. I'm like but why? Who said we decided and you've accepted that 40 hours or 50 or whatever is like the standard. And you've just convinced yourself that there's no other way to do it. But if you don't ever question that, then you'll never have it. Right. The whether you believe you can or you believe you can't you're right. It's like the most profound statement because you won't try something that you don't believe is possible. You're not crazy. So it's like if I don't believe I can fly, I'm not gonna go out and like spend all my days trying to fly, like flap my arms enough to fly. But we take certain things that are absolutely possible but because it, we don't see other people doing them because it's not probable, we've just decided oh, it's not possible. I can't have a career that I love and have time with my children. I can't only work this many hours a week. I can't make that much money, that's not possible for me. Who the hell said? If there's somebody out there doing it, it's possible I promise you, for you too. I don't care what your background is. I don't care what your experience is. I'm telling you with the internet now it is possible. And so it requires you to start questioning is it possible? And how do I do it? And that's all I'm doing right now with this project for myself for the next three months, which I'm super excited about is can I do all the things that I have planned in January and February, which is a lot for the groups, for my podcast, for free kind of trainings I wanna do. Can I do that and only work four hours a day? Can I train my brain to think in a way that I don't think my brain actually thinks? Without judgment, without getting upset if I can't do it. Maybe I can't. Maybe I'll report back and be like mm, total fail. Or maybe, I mean, I can but I don't want to. And that's okay too. I allow room for that, to be like yeah, I tried this, wasn't for me. Even though it sounds exciting to everybody else. Right? Like I would rather, like I've heard people say like I tried working three days a week, I didn't like it. Okay, great. Then you don't have to do it. You know, like you get to choose what you want for this life. And I'm just reminded by that, you know, as I go through this and I really think about what I want to do with this podcast and why I wanna have these conversations is because the business and sometimes the metrics of like followers and money and stuff is easier to talk about cause I think people get it. So it's like oh, this is like so exciting because you make this much or whatever. But for me, and I've talked about this, like the benefit of everything that has happened is like how I've been able to understand my own brain and the possibility for my life. And it's so much bigger than any amount of money or business could be. And so every year it's funny when I look back and I think about how much I pushed myself this year to try things that made me uncomfortable, put myself in positions that felt terrible. And I was okay and I found that I could do it. And to do things that I thought I would hate and then it turned out that I love. I used to be a person that never set goals. I mean, like I was obviously a high achiever and I became a lawyer and I did all that stuff, but I never was the person that was like you know, let me set an exercise goal. Let me do all this stuff. Like I hated new year's resolutions because I never stuck to goals. And I realize now, like I constantly have new goals. I'm doing 'em randomly. I do it for a week. I do it for a month. Now I'm doing this for three months. I'll do it for a year. And I'm like what? What's gonna happen next? That's the most exciting part. I have no idea. And the reality is like there's so many years left. Hopefully. Hopefully I I live long enough to get to see a bunch of different goals come to fruition. Right. And I get to decide like it doesn't all have to happen next year. I don't have to rush everything, but I can decide like maybe next year I don't grow the business as much and I just work less. What would that feel like? I have some other goals for next year. We'll talk about that later on in the podcast, like part of it is traveling for a month because why not? Like that's the question I constantly ask myself: why not? What else can I dream up? Why not try it? Maybe it won't happen. Maybe it'll take a couple of years to happen. Maybe it'll take 10 years to happen, but why not start creating a life that I can dream of and going after it? What is the downside? The only downside is that I will have to feel negative emotions and guess what? I already have to feel those every day anyways. So I might as well go after the life that I want. And I want you to do the same. I hope that this was helpful. And I hope maybe hearing more of my story or why I'm doing the things I'm doing or what I'm doing helps you in thinking about like either giving yourself permission to want more, to want different things, to go after different things, to maybe view failure in a different way. I want you to have the biggest, boldest 2022 that's possible for you. And that could just be changing one thing. That could be deciding maybe I just try one goal for a week and see how it feels and then reassess, that could be being kinder to yourself. That could be doing some more thought work so that there isn't all of that in negative self-talk, whatever it is. Think about the biggest life that you could live and then ask yourself why not me? Cause there's no reason you can't have it. I hope that this was helpful and it maybe allows you dream a little bigger. And I can't wait to take you behind the scenes as I continue on this journey for myself, I hope that you enjoy it and that you'll come along for the ride and I will be back next week with another episode.

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