How Alli & Matt Owen gained financial independence, quit their 6 figure engineering jobs, and now travel the country working remotely
Ep. 18
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Alli & Matt Owen

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    Matt & Alli were both working as engineers, hating their jobs, and yearning for more freedom when they learned about the FIRE community (Financial Independence Retire Early). The premise of FIRE is to focus on reducing spending and increasing investments with the goal of living off those investments and, thus, not having to work anymore. The idea is that you buy your freedom instead of buying things. Matt & Alli started saving up to 70% of their 6-figure salaries and within 3 years quit to work on the 2 online businesses they had created.
    In addition to quitting, they converted a sprinter van (they named Clifford) and started driving across the Americas and running their businesses from the road. They balance their time between helping millennials get out of debt through their coaching services and education programs at Owen Your Future and helping people treat themselves on the keto diet through their baked goods company Primal Noms.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    How they realized that they didn’t want to just change jobs that they hated but completely change their lifestyles.
    How they learned about the FIRE movement and started on their journey to saving.
    How they dealt with other people’s opinions of their decisions.
    What is the 4% rule?
    How they started their 2 side hustle businesses.
    How they decided to quit their 6-figure jobs to travel the country
    The best and worst parts of traveling in a van
    How to be a part of FIRE even if you want to live off of a higher salary every year
    How Alli & Matt help millennials deal with their debt and budgeting
    How you can be a part of their live webinar on financial planning!

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