How tragedy helped Christine McAlister live her Life with Passion
Ep. 17
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Christine McAlister

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    We’ve all heard various versions of the same story: Someone experiences a life-threatening illness or near-death experience which immediately puts into perspective what is actually important in life. That person shakes up their life and starts pursuing a more fulfilling path. But why is it that we have to experience horrible things before we can find such clarity? Or as Christine McAlister puts it “Who has to die for you to give yourself permission to live for yourself?”
    Christine suffered her own tragedy when, at 9 months pregnant, her daughter Maeve passed away. Christine was forced to deliver her child and then plan a funeral, an unthinkable experience that many would not be able to overcome. But Christine used her grief and experience to stop playing small and figure out how to make the most out of life. That led her away from her successful online marketing business and into starting a business coaching program called Life with Passion. She helps high-achievers all over the world to replace their incomes (and then some!) and quit and stay out of their 9-5s, by building businesses out of their passions.
    Christine also uses her own experience with tragedy to help her clients focus in on what is actually important. As if that wasn’t enough, she is the bestselling author of The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere.

Here is what we chat about in this episode:

    How Christine got out of her 9-5 job with a side hustle (and how she even figured out how to start a side hustle)
    How her side hustle became her full-time business and how that led to even more businesses
    How the death of her baby when she was 9 months pregnant led her to quit her businesses and find her true calling by opening Life With Passion.
    How she managed to get out from under the grief and take action to create the life she wanted
    How she uses Life With Passion to help other women entrepreneurs find their passions and make a business out of it.
    How to find what your true passions are if you’re feeling stuck in your career.
    How the power of just making the decision to act is the very first step

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