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Today we got to talk to Steve about how he made the jump from systems engineer in IT to being a therapist.   Steve McCready got his BA from Brown University in American Studies. After graduating and not knowing what he wanted to do, Steve focused on his interest in computers and forged a career in IT. He climbed the corporate ladder as a systems engineer but became frustrated that he wasn’t actually helping his customers. After his own personal experience in therapy, Steve realized that his passion truly lied in helping people on a one-on-one basis through counseling. He returned to school at the University of San Francisco to get his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. And now, for over 15 years, Steve McCready has been working as a therapist, focusing his practice on helping people who are ‘too nice’ get the clarity, courage, and confidence they need to stand up for themselves and live happy, successful, and fulfilling lives.   Today we talked to Steve about how he figured out what he would do next when he wanted to leave his career in IT, how he pushed back the false narratives he created about himself, and how we can get better at literally anything that interests us.     Here is what we chat about in this episode: Why Steve felt unfulfilled in his role as a systems engineer even though he is interested in computers and electronics How he moved past the negative internal voices that told him he couldn’t do anything else How therapy helped him personally and also exposed him to a new career path How changing a career when you’re a little older can be a huge benefit How to get over the stories we have created about ourselves What the difference between therapy and coaching is How we can get better at any endeavor if we just work at it.     Resources mentioned in this episode: Dead Poets Society   Where to find Steve: www.stevemccready.com steve@stevemccready.com www.limbicvisions.com   Follow along for more: www.lessonsfromaquitter.com Facebook Instagram Twitter

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