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We got to sit down with Kaveh Mostafavi, the founder and CEO of EcoCare Supply, a wholesale distribution firm focused on sustainable products and systems. EcoCare is one of the nation’s fastest growing supply companies and helps customers increase their bottom line while reducing environmental impact. However, before starting Ecocare, Kaveh started out his career as an attorney in Arizona specializing in bankruptcy law. In addition to his law practice, Kaveh opened two Pancheros restaurants in Arizona as a franchisee. His experience as a restauranteur, specifically witnessing the amount of waste in his restaurants, led him to create EcoCare. In a couple of short years, Kaveh has grown EcoCare into a 7-figure company.   Here is what we chat about in this episode: Why Kaveh chose to become a lawyer and how he ended up working as a bankruptcy lawyer. How he opened up his own practice as well as two Pancheros restaurants. What his experience as a franchisee taught him. Why he sold his law practice and his franchise restaurant to go work for a supply company How he pushed past people thinking he was crazy for quitting law to start a company he didn’t know anything about. How he ended up working for both a murderer and a fraud and why that made him want to be his own boss. How he got his idea for EcoCare Supply and how he started it.   Resources mentioned in this episode: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey.   Where to find Kaveh:   Ecocaresupply.com Thecompostninja.com kaveh@ecocaresupply.com  

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